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Hi my Lucas Walter, You are now 2 year and 4 months old, as of mid November.  How time flies!  You are talking up a storm now, and it’s so awesome to hear what you have to say.  You are very curious, and you also love to announce what things […]

Lucas- November 2014

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Ever wonder why I take the time to write blog posts to Lucas? All the years of hard work have now successfully turned into books for him! I’m so proud to have these done before baby girl gets here. All the memories and photos are organized by year. Hopefully I […]

Blog Books :)

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Lukie Walter, You are such a cool little boy, Daddy and I talk all the time about how we can’t believe you are ours.  We love getting to do fun stuff with you, and to see the enjoyment you get out of it.   You really love any new activities, […]

Lucas- October 2014

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Dear Lucas, September was a busy and exciting month for you.  First, we found out you were going to have a baby SISTER!  You had been telling us the whole time it was a baby girl.  I’m so glad you were right!  We are so so so excited, and you […]

Sept 2014

Hi Baby Girl, We have decided on your name….. Are you ready for it? You are: Emelyn Catherine Atkinson! I know most people have not heard the name Emelyn, pronounced “EmmaLynn” but we think it is beautiful. Lucas is already calling you “Emme” as a nickname (well, he pronounces it […]

Hello! My name is…..

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  **Technical difficulties prevented the last post “To Our Baby Girl” from being emailed out to half of the email list.  If you missed it, you can find it here: Hi my baby Lucas Walter, August was a pretty chill month for you after the excitement of turning 2 last […]

August 2014

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Ohhhh the anticipation of finding out if you were a boy or girl.  We anxiously and impatiently waited for the day to come when we would find out.  For weeks I had been feeling you kick and flip in my belly (SO amazing!).  I love to know you’re in there.  […]

To Our Baby Girl

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Hi my big 2 year old!!!  Wow.  A whole two years.  It truly is hard to believe. We started off your birthday by singing happy birthday to you in bed.  You didn’t really know why we were singing, but you liked it!!   Your next birthday tradition that we did […]

July- 2 Years old!

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A back dated blog post from the day we found out about baby #2….. 6-13-14 Dear Baby, We found out on Friday, the 13th of June, 2014 that you were going to be our second child.  We are so so so happy.  You are going to make Lucas a big […]

Finding Out 06-13-14

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Hi baby, Time is flying.  Your speech is still developing more and more every day.  You are growing up right before our eyes.  I want you to stay my little baby forever!  This month you have discovered baseball.  You are quite enthralled with bats now, and will even watch baseball […]

June- 23 Months

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Yes, I know, I know… super late!  The post was written months ago, I just had to organize the photos! Hello Lukie Walter, Spring time is upon us, and it’s been wonderful already.  Your Uncle Joey flew back in from San Francisco for Lamb Roast (the 44th annual).  You loved […]

May- 22 Months

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This month was SO busy!! I’m a whole month late writing this because so much happened, it’s hard to even wrap my brain around writing it!  I’ll start with the basics.  First off, the Easter bunny came to visit!!  That nice bunny came early because he knew we would be […]

April 2014- 21 Months and Europe!

It’s an hour long, but for anyone who is bored I finished our Europe Trip video (a blog post about it coming soon!) p.s. Lucas is drinking grape juice at the end, not wine   😉

Europe Trip Video