Dec 2017

Hi Sis Atkinson and Bub Atkinson,

What a fun December you guys had!  One of the most fun months of the year because of our favorite holiday- Christmas!!  We have a family tradition of decorating, we listen to festive holiday music, and we drink Egg Nog (C.F Burger’s Eggnog, not any of the imposters!).  You both love putting the star on, so this year you both put it on (we had to take it off in between) so that no one felt that they missed out hahaha!   This year we got you guys your own little tree for the sunroom, and you loved putting your (unbreakable) ornaments on it all by yourself!     Later in the month we did our Annual Atkinson Gingerbread house, which of course you both love, although I do have to fight you off from eating all the candy before we decorate.  And right after we were finished Emme, you snuck back into where we have showcased our masterpiece and systematically dismantled it to eat each and every sweet treat you could find on it.  Lucas, you were less than pleased to say the least! hahaha!

Dec. 4th was PopPop’s 69th birthday, and Dec 28th was Aunt Katie’s 32nd birthday!  Of course you both love singing Happy Birthday, and making presents!  Lucas, you helped me bake Aunt Katie a cake, and she loved it!    Also this month Emme, you had to have surgery for your 2nd set of tubes in your ears.  Hoping this gets us through cold and flu season without any ear infections!  We had your friend, Piper’s birthday party at the Explorium of Lexington, and it was a dinosaur themed party.   Lucas, you thought it was so cool!  And funny story about Emme- as the party starts and the Museum staff came in to teach you kids, she says “okay kids! Who likes DINOSAURS?! “And most everyone says Meeeeeee!  Except you Emme…. you say “Not me!  I like PRINCESSES!”  Hahahaha!   Luckily you both had a blast at the party.

Every Holiday Season I pick somewhere to donate some money to, or to help out the community in some way.  This year we chose to donate to a family who found out the Mom has terminal cancer.   Every year I plan on trying to talk with you guys about how important it is to help others.   If you’re reading this when you’re older- I hope you have turned into kind, honest, thoughtful human beings.  And if not?…… it’s your Dad’s fault.  LOL.  Just kidding.     Also this month was the school Christmas play.  Man you guys were SO CUTE!  Your PopPop came up to see it, and it was so adorable to see you both performing together.   Emme, since this was your first time in a school production, you were SO excited to see us in the audience!  And you would BELT out those songs, better than anyone else your age.  It was precious.  I love seeing the two of you preform, it makes me so proud to be your Mama!

Our next excitement of the month came from going in to Louisville to celebrate Christmas with the family.  And your Uncle Joey was back in town for the first time in like 5 or 6 years for Christmas!  You guys both yelled Uncle JOEY!! And gave him huge hugs when you saw him.   We spent a lot of time with family over the holiday weekend.  We also went to the Kentucky Science Center and had an absolute ball in the museum.  It’s such a phenomenal place, and you guys loved loved loved it.  We practically shut it down that night!   The next morning you woke up and it was Christmas Eve, and guess what?  Elfie had followed us from Lexington all the way to Louisville to deliver you your Christmas Eve box with new Christmas Jammies, a Disney Xmas Storybook, Popcorn, and candies.   Grandin came over and was so so so excited to see you guys.  You LOVE Grandin, and likewise, he adores the both of you.  Lucas- he wanted to be exactly like you, whatever hat you had on, he wanted to wear one just like yours.  And you loved it!   We did all kinds of super fun, festive stuff on Christmas Eve.  We did a Cousin gingerbread man cookie decorating party.  You guys had an absolute blast!  And then Daddy and me participated too.  Daddy made an Iron Man gingerbread man and thinks his was better than my Traditional Gingerbread Man, but I would like to point out that if his Iron Man had been the best, then Santa would not have decapitated Iron Man, and left the rest of him uneaten.    You guys wrote notes to Santa, Emme asking for “Princesses” and Lucas asking for “Army Men”,  we also set out milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer, and of course I made my Christmas Hot Chocolate.

The next morning you guys woke up and we could hardly contain you to wait for Grandin to wake up too.  Your guys presents just from Santa were so many, that we had to hold all the rest of the gifts from Grammy & PopPop and your Aunt & Uncles till later so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming hahaha!  We lined you all up in the hallway and then let you come out together to see what Santa had brought.  It was total mayhem!  But, most importantly, you guys had a blast!!  You LOVED all of your gifts.  And we loved seeing you open them.   Sweet sweet babies.  Emme, later on that night Aunt Christe & Uncle Randy brought you over some princess heels and a tiara.  So you wore a new pink Steelers jersey, with a pink tiara, pink heels, and a pink new skirt on and pranced around the living room for about an hour in circles to show how you could walk in your princess heels (your first time trying out heels!) hahaha! You were so proud of yourself.     Grammy prepared us a Christmas feast as well.  A fun holiday to remember!

To round out December we went to Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin’s house.  We celebrated Christmas with all the Tennessee family.  You both IDOLIZE your cousins Camron and Nathan, especially you Lucas.  You love to be wherever they are.  And you especially love if they will play video games with you!    We went to Grandaddy and Granny Pat’s house, and Uncle BJ, Chelsea, Dylan, Tyler, Chase and Brayden were there too!  Granny Pat made us a great meal, and we all enjoyed spending time with family.  Lucas, you were by Grandaddy’s side the whole time, showing him how you could snap, and just hanging out.  It was really precious, and made Grandaddy so happy!    After we left their house we went over to Grandma and Papa Mike’s house.  You guys had a great time there as well!  Emme, you said Grandma! Grandma! I love you!

As 2017 ended, and 2018 began we rang in the new year at a party and Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin’s house.  We watched a pre-recorded countdown of the ball-drop with you guys on New Years eve so that we could toast the new year with you before it was bedtime.  We all cheers’ed each other with your fancy glasses and said Haaaaaaappy New Year! And you were so happy to have stayed up late to watch it (lol).  2017 started off rough with my surgery, but I’m so happy to have made it through to watch you guys continue to grow and be happy.  I love you so much!   Here’s to a new year!






































































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