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PicMonkey Collage First Food
Dear Lucas Walter, You are now half a year old, seriously, how did this happen?!?   You have changed SO much in this past month.   I don’t even know where to start….. first of all you have a TOOTH!   Ahhhh!  I hope you don’t learn to bite down while nursing. Yikes!  […]

6 Months…. half a year…. what?!?

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Lucas, You are 6 months old now, and you still think I’m funny. Right now it’s easy; I just make silly faces and noises. I’m sure that sooner or later it will take more effort on my part, but for now I’m happy just blowing raspberries. While I don’t expect […]

From Dad, For the Future

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Hi Baby Boy, It’s hard to believe that it is 2013.  You were born LAST YEAR.  Wow.  Just wow.  It’s so exciting for you to experience all these firsts.  You went to your very first (family friendly) New Years Eve party!  I even made a dessert to bring (yes, you […]

2013… A New Year

PicMonkey Collage Xmas11 2
Your first Christmas was great!  This year we had three stockings hanging across our mantle     Traditions are very important in our family, so we started a few this year, and I’m sure we’ll add more as the years go by.   Anytime your Dad and I go on a trip […]

Your First Christmas

Elyse (our nanny) sent me a story today that I just had to share…  (background to the story:  Jenny is the mom of a new baby who is going to be staying at our house with Lucas during the day!) “I gave Lucas his bath at 9. He ate at […]

A story from Elyse