October 2016

Hi my sweeties,

October is wonderful weather here in Kentucky so this month was full of fun outdoor adventures.  We enjoyed many park days, and made it to two different orchards to play at (Boyd’s and our traditional Bi-Water Farms).  We even got to go to King’s Island for the first time, and met up with friends from the Summer 2012 Moms group I’m in of kids that were all born the same month Lucas Walter was.  You guys had a blast running around with the other kids, riding rides and dancing.      We had family photos taken this month, which is always a hard accomplishment with many bribes of new toys.  Somehow our wonderful photographer manages to always capture you guys beautifully though.   We got to hang out in Louisville with Grammy and PopPop, Aunt Katie, Muncle Mike and Grandin,  You guys sure love being around your family!  We even got to go to the zoo with Grammy and PopPop, you LOVE seeing all the animals!

You guys have had a blast decorating our house for Halloween, and we even did family costumes this year- I was Princess Leia, Daddy was Han Solo, Lucas was Luke Skywalker, and Emme was Chewbacca hahaha!  It was so perfect.  We did a trick or treating Halloween party in Louisville where Highland Morning was handing out candy.   After we had gathered our candy (with lots of people wanting to take pictures of our awesome costumes), Lucas enjoyed getting to hand out candy to other kids from the Highland Morning tent.     On actual Halloween, Lucas, you dressed up as a fireman, and Emme, you as Minnie Mouse and we trick or treated around our neighborhood.  You both loved knocking on people’s doors for candy.

Emme is absolutely obsessed with a couple of things.  One being her bubby’s underwear.  She loves to get it out of Bubby’s closet and put it on over her clothes.  But just one pair won’t do, oh no.  It has to be multiple pairs stacked up on top of each other!   Emme, you are also OBSESSED with Mickey and Minnie mouse.  Ever since our trip to Disneyland you have loved loved loved them.  When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on the tv you squeal in delight.  It’s so cute.   Another big thing this month was Emme moving into her toddler bed.  Daddy and Lucas took off the front rail (because you wouldn’t stop trying to climb it), and changed it down to a “big girl” toddler bed.  You were SO SO excited.   FYI, you have since decided that going to sleep easy and staying in your bed in not something you want to do.  At least it’s better than you cracking your head open if you climbed out of your crib.

Lastly this month we did some shopping for Operation Christmas Child.  Approaching every Christmas season we try to find a project or charity to donate to, to remind ourselves that there’s something bigger than us in this world, and we want to teach helping others to you both.  We went to the store and bought tons of toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps, combs, pencils, toys, etc etc etc to fill shoeboxes with and send to children in third world countries that are less fortunate than us.  Lucas, you especially had a good time helping me pick out the supplies and throwing it in the shopping cart.  It was a great project that you guys could take part in helping someone else.

Overall this month was filled with some great family fun, and wonderful memories.  We love you both so much.


























































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