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blood level 3 1
SO,  the shock of being pregnant after having my first emergency surgery wore off after about half a day and the excitement and happiness started to set in.   Keep in mind, I knew I could be pregnant this month, I just was kind of hoping to start over with a […]


When we first found out
PREGNANT!!!! Ahhhhhh, so excited, yet so scared at the same time!! My boobs hurt so I decided to take a pregnancy test early Sunday morning, and I saw TWO lines!!  It is very early on (only 9 days past ovulation) so the lines were faint, but definitely there.  Just to […]


All of this waiting SUCKS.  On the bright side, we are now termite free.  Next step is getting  a baby in my belly!   GET IN MY BELLY!  (Austin Powers anyone?) I have to be honest, all of this not drinking during social occasions and taking prenatals etc is getting really obnoxious when […]