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On Saturday we got to go home! YAY! Here is a picture checking in and checking out of the hospital: We drove very carefully home with you, and we must have checked 100 times if you were still breathing!  Now that you’re here, we’re worried about you every second of every day.  I find […]

Going home day

There are so many firsts to write about baby boy.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Your Dad and I spend a lot of time just staring at you.  You are such a beautiful baby.  We get choked up often just looking at you together.  Our little family. You […]

1 day old

IMG_3264 1
Dear Lucas, You’re here! You’re here! You’re here! Your Dad and I could not be more excited. We love you more than we ever thought was possible. From the moment you popped out, our lives became dedicated to you, and working together to give you the best life possible. Here […]

All About Your Birthday!

Lucas, You were born one week ago, but it seems like yesterday. Maybe that’s because we haven’t slept since then… Nonetheless, this week has been filled with incredible emotion. People always say that when you have a child, you discover a love that is different from anything you have ever […]

Letter from Dad…

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Well, Mr. Man, you are proving to be stubborn.  Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but you are suppose to be BORN.   I’m still at home.  When I sit down the contractions taper off some, but when I stand up they come much faster and more intense.   We’re waiting it […]

Still Pregnant

Dear Son, With only days remaining in your mother’s pregnancy, we couldn’t be more ready to meet you. Your mother is having a very hard time during these last few days, so remember that when you’re an angst-ridden teenager… I know this is weird, but I’m going to miss your […]

A quick letter from Dad…

Hey My Man, Just a quick little update from the Dr’s appointment last week.  You have dropped into position (at a -1/0 station which is apparently good), and the Dr said you are “Locked and Loaded!”     YAY!   I’m seriously DONE being pregnant, so feel free to come out now!!  Your […]

A quick update

37 weeks 2
37 weeks Total Weight Gain– almost 35 pounds Cravings– Your Dad has been making me homemade popcorn that he cooks on the stove and then lightly seasons and it is SO good.  Also, fresh peaches over vanilla ice cream.   YUM! Sleep-  Hmph.  Sleep.  My joints have started aching at night, especially in […]

37 weeks- Belly Update