March 2017

Hi My Sweeties,

March had some fun stuff happening, even though I was still recovering (the recovery seemed to take FOREVER, ended up being 6 months before I felt normalish again).    This month we had Grandin’s second birthday party it was a Hippie party because he was turning two (peace sign!)  You guys love seeing family and your cousin.    You also LOVE visiting your Grammy and your PopPop’s house.  Lucas, you especially love working in the yard with your PopPop, and you feed the birds with him every single visit.  You never ever ever let him forget, and ask about every 5 minutes if it’s time to feed them yet, hahaha!   We also got to see Auntie Laina and Grayson this visit, and you guys loved playing with the baby.

Also this month we took you guys up to Cincinnati Children’s Museum, and you had a great time running all around.  You especially loved pretending to serve us food in the restaurant, and digging in the pretend rocks.    St Patrick’s Day and other visits from friends rounded out the month (you even got to see Nada, my friend who lives internationally now- Emme it was your first time meeting her).    You guys thought it was pretty cool when I sent Daddy some roses made out of bacon delivered to his work.  Speaking of bacon, you both LOVE bacon.  But then again, who doesn’t love bacon?!?

As you can see in my screenshots, Emme you were especially rascally this month, getting in to EVERYTHING.  Sneaking out of bed and slathering yourself in whatever you can find.  Actually, slathering yourself in stuff at all times of the day.   *Sigh*  Luckily it is equally entertaining and annoying.  Good thing you are so cute!

Love you both to the moon and back, and to infinity and beyond!






















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