Feb 2018 & Emme’s 3rd Birthday!

Dear Emme,

My sweet baby girl, you are THREE years old today. I’m still not sure how this has happened. Where has the time gone? I still pinch myself to believe that I got the daughter that I so desperately wanted. You are a Mama’s girl through and through. Not one second of your life have you ever wavered from that. You are sweet and sassy, smart, funny, and forever our wild child. I can’t imagine our lives without you in it. You tell me every day “I love you Mama, you’re the best Mama in the whooole wide world” Sometimes you whisper it, and sometimes you just say it in normal conversation, but every time those words leave your mouth, my heart beats a little faster. We love you so much sweet girl. Best girl in the whoooolllleeee wiiiiiiiide woooooooooooorld. Happy birthday!  Oh my gracious.  Overnight it seems like you’ve gone from a toddler to a big kid.  You are 38.5 inches tall, and weigh 30 lbs.  You’ve been potty trained for 6 months, and are so so sweet.  You love talking, you love your Mama, you love princesses, and you love babies.  Come to think of it, there’s not a whole lot you don’t love.   You’re just so precious.  Wild and crazy, sassy at times, but still absolutely amazing.   You’re a danger-seeking daredevil, who we always have to keep our eye on.  You never met a challenge you didn’t want to attempt.  You like to blame things on your brother “Lucas did it”, and you love all of your animals (which is what you called your stuffed animals, most of which are princesses”.   On your birthday day you woke up to me, Daddy, and Lucas singing you Happy Birthday.  You found the  the kitchen table all decorated and lots of presents!  You got every princess there was left to get.   Daddy made your special birthday pancakes in the shape of a 3, and we all sang to you again.  You love the Happy Birthday song and would close your eyes and dance your fingers in the air.  It was hysterical.    I sent cupcakes with you to school, and then after school we went to Hibachi dinner at Miyako.  Grammy, PopPop, Muncle Mike, Aunt Katie and Grandin all came in from Louisville to celebrate your special day and went to Miyako with us, then played at our house after.  It was a great night and you had a blast!    Your birthday party was the next weekend, which your Aunt Jera made a special trip up from TN to be there for.   It was a Moana-themed party, and it turned out great! Emme, you had a Moana outfit, Lucas had a Maui shirt, Daddy had a shirt that said “Just an ordinary Demi-Dad” and I  had a shirt that said “The Sea, It Calls Me”  all from the movie.  I made Hearts of TeFiti to go in your favor bags, and your Daddy made the kakamora coconut guys from the movie.  Your cake even won Cake of the Week from Pirouline cookies! So cool! Your party was at the little gym, and you had TONS of friends come.  Seriously, too many people to name! You’re a well loved little girl.  You had new friends, old friends, school friends, friends from all walks in life come to have fun with you.   It was awesome to see you enjoy yourself so much.   Speaking of friends, I have had no less than 4-5 different Moms tell me that their child said you were their best friend, and that they just loved you and talked about you all the time.  That makes me so proud that you are such a friendly little girl.    I simply can’t believe how fast my sweet baby is growing up.  I love you to the moon, the stars, and to infinity and beyond!

To both of my sweeties,

Besides Emme turning 3 this month, there was lots of other stuff going on too.  You guys had a day of three parties=  Graham, Fairjana’s and Ellie Gray’s birthday.  You had a blast running around with your friends, it was exhausting but fun all at the same time!   Another fun weekend, was when Grammy and PopPop bought us tickets to the Circus.  Grandin came too, and you guys loved watching the animals, and the performers flying all over the place.  Of course your Grandparents spoiled you rotten and bought you all light up toys, and drinks, pizza, and even your first cotton candy!  You both absolutely love going to Grammy and PopPop’s house and running around playing.  Aunt Katie came over and you all had a ball being rolled up as burritos.

Another exciting event this month was Valentines Day.  When you woke up, I had some decorations on the table, and a little candy, and a Valentines Ginger Bread house.  Lucas, of course your Valentine was the only girl it has ever been, the lovely Miss Rylie Grace.  Your teacher took photos for me, so I could continue your collage.  Emme, the surprise of the day, was that apparently you have a boyfriend at school named Sam, and he brought you a special chocolate rose.  You LOVED it.  That night we had a family cookie decorating contest, as well as building a gingerbread valentines day house.   You guys love doing projects.  Lucas, this month you made a robot out of a beer can!  hahaha! Parenting at its finest!   Oh! Funny story! Also this month, I was telling you to do something and you replied to me, “alright Mama damn”. So you gave him the evil eye and said what did you just say to me? And you said “what? I just said what beavers build, beavers build dams” HA.  You tricky little boy you.  I had to shut the sunroom door, so you wouldn’t see me laughing!   Ha.  You guys are a riot.  You love each other so much as well.  It’s really fun to see you run around together.   I love you both so much!
















































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