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Hey Baby Boy! We had an OB appointment yesterday.  You are 36.5 weeks along now (3.5 to go!).   Your heartbeat was 162 bpm, and they are estimating your weight to be about 6 lbs 3 oz right now based on the measurements they took during the ultrasound.  That means if […]

36 week check-up

35 weeks 4
35 Weeks Total Weight Gain– 32 pounds Cravings– Still no cravings really… Sleep-  Just like last update, sleep still sucks.   Apparently a symptom of pregnancy is insomnia, so sometimes I’ll randomly wake up in the middle of the night and be wide awake, and then not be able to go […]

35 Weeks- Belly Update

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This past weekend was our Lexington baby shower thrown by your Auntie Brooks and Auntie Julie, and of course it turned out fabulous!   Look at the cute invitation, that’s really a picture of you on it!    We (all three of us!) are so lucky to have so many awesome friends […]

Lexington Baby Shower

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Your Aunt Jera threw your Dad and myself a baby shower this past weekend.  YAY for showers!    It was a brunch before the annual Pigroast and it turned out great, even your Great Granny Lou came up from Georgia!! We got sooooo much stuff!  We are so lucky to […]

Tennessee Baby Brunch