March 2018

Hi Sweeties!

March has come and went and we had so many exciting things going on!  Emme, you had your first swimming lesson.  You sank like a rock hahaha!  Looked me dead in the eye, let go of the side of the pool, and just sank!  I screamed and jumped up and the teacher luckily scooped you up before I had to jump in the pool.   Meanwhile, Lucas, you are swimming like a little fish!  You can go about halfway down the length of the pool by yourself!  Yay!   Lucas you are in basketball this month, and Emme, you are in gymnastics.  You both love activities.

A very exciting event this month was the Daddy-Daughter Dance at the Kentucky Castle in Versailles for Emme & Daddy.  Emme, you were SO SO SO excited about your Daddy-Daughter dance.  You talked about it non-stop.  I got you a new dress, and shoes, and dressy jacket. Curled your hair and put on some lipgloss.  You were so happy to be dressed up.  Lucas and I accompanied you and Daddy to the Castle so I could take pictures of you there.  It was so beautiful!  There were even princesses you got to dance with.   While Emme & Daddy were at the dance, Lucas, you and I went on a Mommy/Bubby date to thai food, and then to play Nerf Gun Wars at a new place in town.  You LOVED the nerf gun wars, we got to run around shooting each other, and ended up staying even later than Daddy & Emme were!  It was a fun night for everyone!

This month there was lots of snow, you guys loved playing in it and building a snowman.  We also had St. Patrick’s Day this month, we went downtown Lexington to the festival and parade.  We even went to an Irish Pub for some food & drink!   A huge event this month was Easter!    You guys were pumped that the Easter Bunny was coming.  We wrote him letters, left out carrots, dyed easter eggs and planted magic candy beans to grow suckers.  It was almost like Christmas morning at our house when you guys saw your Easter Baskets full of all your favorite things!  Emme you got mostly baby doll stuff, and Lucas, you got mostly nerf gun stuff!  After opening our Easter baskets, and having Easter bunny pancakes, we headed into Louisville for Grandin’s 3rd birthday party at the roller skating rink.  It was both of your guys’ first time skating, and man was it hard work on us LOL!     Everyone had a blast though!  The next day we had an Easter celebration all over again at Grammy & PopPop’s house, complete with another round of Easter baskets, and an amazing Easter egg hunt through the Magic Forest.    You guys absolutely love hanging with Grandin, and while the noise and activity/craziness level goes up 10 fold when all three of you are together, but the fun you have is priceless.  You sure do love each other.

I love you guys to the moon, the stars, and to infinity and beyond!  Love, Your Mama









































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