September 2017

Hello My Sweeties!

September came and went super fast.   The  most notable event that happened month was BOTH of my babies started school.  You read that right…. BOTH of you!  What?  How is it even possible?!  Emme, you started in the 2 year old class taught by Ms. Hester, and Lucas, you went in to the Pre-K class, taught by Ms. Pam.   It’s really nice to have you guys at the same school together.   That morning, Daddy and I both took off of work so that we could be there to walk you in for your first day of school.  We took a ton of photos, of course!  Lucas, you said you want to be a fireman when you grow up, and Emme, you said when you grow up you want to be “big” haha!   Emme, I was so afraid you would cry when we dropped you off.  But you didn’t!  You immediately ran to your classroom, and started playing with the baby dolls.   After I left, I was told you did start crying for me (I guess after the newness of the toys wore off), and they took you over to your Bubby’s class so he could comfort you.     I also went to pick you up from school because I wanted to talk to your teachers about how everything went, and of course you both got great reports of the day.   After we left school, I treated you to some play time at Monkey Joe’s!  It was a fun ending to your first day of school.  Later that night at the dinner table we asked what you did at school, and your two answers couldn’t have been more different…. Emme, you said you cried a little, then colored, and played with babies, then went potty, cleaned out your packpack and ate goldfish, Lucas you said “I don’t remember”  which is what you always say hahaha.

We also had the 9th Annual Pigroast down at Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin’s house in Tennessee this month.  You guys love getting to see family.  You LOVE playing with your cousins.  Grandaddy and Granny Pat came over too, and even brought you some little toys.  PopPop and Grammy, and Aunt Katie came from Kentucky to celebrate, and Jennifer, Matt Petty, and Raymond also came over to hang with us all.  It was a fun day, wrapped up with karaoke to finish the night off.    Your cousin Camron was home from the marines, and Lucas you just think he’s the coolest ever.  You loved to be near him, and do whatever he was doing.  It was so cute!

The rest of the month was filled with more fun.  Soccer games for Lucas, and swimming for both of you.  We went to the lake whenever it was warm enough to go.  I had a consulting job down in Knoxville, and you guys came and met me down there.  We had a blast at Sir Gooney’s on the water slides, putt putt golf, and go carts.   Also this month we went to Disney On Ice, we had second row seats, and you guys LOVED it!  Emme, you were dressed as a princess, and Lucas, you were dressed as a knight.  It was so much fun.   We also went to explore the Salato Wildlife Center one day, and met up with Grammy there.  You loved seeing the animals, and petting a snake, and hanging out with your Grammy!   Oh, also this month was Emme’s first dentist appointment.  We played it up what a big girl you were, but you were still quite nervous.  So big Bubby got to go first, and Lucas- you did so great showing your Sis how to be brave.   By the end of the appointment Emme, you were whining that you wanted more xrays hahaha.   You both did awesome with no tears, and no cavities!

You guys are growing so fast.  It’s a hard time with a two and five year old, but a fun time as well.  We’re thankful that you guys love each other, and that we have such good times together as a family.   Love you both to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond!








































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