Aug 2017

Hi My Sweeties!

Another fun filled month has passed us by.  You guys are growing by the second, getting older and more mature ever time we blink.  It’s crazy how much you change.   Some exciting things that happened this month-  Emme, you are daytime potty trained! Wooooooo!  At age 2.5, we are so excited!  You smart baby girl you!  Another huge event this month was preschool orientation, and wait for it…..for BOTH of you.  That’s right, Emme is starting school with her big Bubby.   Emme, you are SO pumped to go to school, and Lucas- you are thrilled to have her there.  We got to tour around the school at the open house, and meet your teachers, see your cubbies and classrooms.  Lucas, you were excited to be in Ms. Pam’s class, and of course, super pumped Rylie Grace was there.  Emme, you found the baby dolls immediately upon walking in your classroom, and acted liked you owned the place.  You picked up all the dolls, and bottles, and had purses hanging off your arms, and babies dangling every which way.  You guys loved it!  Your first official day of school is not until September, but this was a great introduction to the year.

Another fun weekend was when Grammy and PopPop and Grandin came to stay at our house overnight while Daddy and I were out of town for a wedding.  You guys did all kids of fun stuff!  You LOVE your cousin and grandparents so much!   A different weekend Grammy and PopPop and Grandin came to the lake with us, and you guys had a blast swimming around with them.  Speaking of the lake, we have gone lots this summer, you guys YOVE the YAKE (as Emme says it).  We got to go with Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin when they came to visit too.  You guys especially loved riding the inner tube with them.  What a fun summer with our new boat it has been.    We went to the Kentucky State Fair (a favorite family tradition) and had so much fun.  You guys love seeing all the animals, especially the little baby ducks who go up and down a slide.  You also liked watching a cow get milked, dancing, and of course riding ALL the rides.  Even Emme got to go on them this year.  Such a big girl now.  Lucas, you loved having sissy be able to ride with you!

A super cool event happened this month as well, a total solar eclipse, named “The Great American Eclipse”!  Lexington was just out of the path of totality at around 94% totality.  It’s the first time in 38 years that a total eclipse has been viewable from America.  We made quite a big deal out of it, with schools getting out early, and work letting out early.  I ordered eclipse glasses in for the family well in advance (they were sold out EVERYWHERE by the time the eclipse happened).  Lucas, you really really really enjoyed watching the eclipse with me.  You and I made some face plates with file folders and put our glasses through them in order to further protect our eyes.   Emme, you were less than impressed, but at least let me get some pictures of you hahaha!  Daddy came home from work to see the peak of the eclipse with us so we could experience it as a family.  We got some really cool photos that day!

I can’t remember if I’ve already written about this or not, but Emme, you have a favorite turtle who you call “Try the Basket”  it’s so cute.  You think that all turtles are “try the baskets” because of a book we read you were Spot is hiding and while looking for him the turtle says “try the basket”.   Hahaha.  So you love your baby try the basket.  It’s hilarious.  I suppose we’ll correct you on it one of these days.   Emme, you also got to go to a princess party this month.  You got to put on your very first make up, and very first nail polish! You were so excited.  I even ordered in some toxin free nail polish for you and brought it with me.  They probably thought I was super weird LOL.   You got to meet a beautiful princess, and dress up, wear jewelry, have a tea party, and hear stories, and songs, and games.  It was a blast.   I painted your toe nails when you got home, since you had your fingers done from the party.  You loved having matching toes like your Mama.

You guys lot to do lots more stuff like street fairs with the family in Louisville, and visiting with friends, and attending birthday parties of good buddies.  It never gets dull around our house on the weekends!   Love you babies so much!










































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