July 2017 & Lucas’ 5th Birthday

Hi my Sweeties!

Well first off, and most importantly, on July 19th, Lucas Walter you turned 5 years old.  I can’t believe 5 years ago you made me a Mama. You are an amazing little boy.  Sweetness with enough rascal mixed in to make you interesting.   You love cuddles and have never wavered in being a Daddy’s boy, though you worry you’ll hurt my feelings, so you will revise your statement and say “both of yours boy.”  You love your sister and family fiercely, and we couldn’t be more lucky to call you ours.  We love you to the moon and back, and to inifinity and beyond!  Happy 5th Birthday Lucas Walter my Love.    On the morning of your birthday you awoke to Daddy, and Me, and Emme singing you Happy Birthday in your bed.  You then got to run out to the kitchen that was decorated with streamers and a table full of gifts!   You got a big boy basketball goal and a bunch of cool Star Wars stuff , legos, video games, and more!   We did our traditional birthday pancakes in the shape of a 5.  For lunch that day we took you on a special Daddy, and Mommy, and Bubby date to see a movie, and then you conned me into taking you to Monkey Joes to jump for a little bit.  That evening your Grammy and PopPop came to Lexington to celebrate your birthday and we went to your favorite restaurant- Miyako! The hibachi grill.  You LOVE that place!  You had an amazing birthday.  To top it off, your birthday party was the following weekend.  You requested a ninja party at Monkey Joe’s and that’s exactly what you got!   You and Emme and Grandin were in matching ninja outfits, it was so cute!  You had SO MANY PEOPLE come!  Seriously, like 27 kids or something.  It was nuts!  you had Lexington friends, Louisville friends, school friends, basketball friends.  So many people who love you!  You guys ran around that place like crazy.  You had a little following of kids running around with you like little ducklings.      It was an awesome party, you were so pleased.    Emme, you ran around that party like you were a big kid.  You refused to acknowledge you are only two years old, and you went on everything your Big Bubba did.  Climbing sky high and going down the tallest rides.  Not only did you go down them, to add a little extra excitement, you then starting going down them face first!  You crazy baby you!  Both of you had such a blast.  After the party, Auntie Laina came over with Scott, Ella, Ben, and Grayson and we got to spend the evening hanging out with them.  The next day we went out on our boat, and rounded out the weekend in such a wonderful way.

The rest of the month was filled up with lots of visits with family as well as lots of sports.  Both of you are swimming twice a week at the Y.  Lucas- you are doing great, able to swim about 8 feet underwater by yourself, Emme- you are still being taught by Daddy, and insist you can do it by yourself (you can’t yet hahaha!)   Lucas, you also are playing basketball and t-ball this month, we’ve been running all over the place trying to get you guys to your sports on time, it’s a fulltime job!

Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin came to visit in the beginning of the month.  It’s the first time that Aunt Jera had missed one of your guys’ birthday parties because she was going to be on vacation, so they came early to celebrate with us.  We took them out on the boat, and had a wine and cheese party while you guys napped, and had a great weekend visiting.  4th of July was a bust because Emme, you woke up really really sick.  All day long you screamed about your belly hurting.  We thought maybe you were constipated but no medicines worked, we called the pediatrician and they told us to take you to the ER.  Grammy and PopPop came up and stayed with Lucas, and we headed to the ER.  We got in super fast luckily, and they hooked you up to some IVs and took blood and a lot of imaging.  By the time we got there, you had spiked a fever, were acting lethargic, and listless.  Turns out you were very dehydrated, and must have had a virus or something.  They sent us home, and then I get a phone call at 6am the next morning saying that a blood culture had turned up positive for bacteria in your blood.  They suspected contamination, but it could be very serious if it was a true result.  We had to then take you back to the Dr. for more bloodwork.  After several days it was determined that you were, in fact, okay with no infection, but it was a scary time!     In addition to all this craziness, you are also potty training, and doing really well!  You love wearing your princess “unnerwear”.  It’s a crazy time in our house hahaha!

More fun this month was Daddy’s 37th birthday, and you guys enjoyed helping him blow out his candles and eat his Oreo ice cream cake (and I enjoyed taking Daddy out for a surprise overnight hotel stay and his favorite French restaurant for date night).  That weekend Jennifer came to visit, and of course you loved having her here to play with you, and you also loved taking her out on our boat and playing at the lake with her.  Emme, you are so cute when you say “I yove the yake” , pronouncing all your L’s as Y’s.  It’s adorable.  I suppose we should correct that one of these days LOL.  Rounding out that weekend you got to meet your new friends Jack & Adaline Yannelli.    The rest of the month was spent going to birthday parties (Lincoln’s 3rd birthday, and Grayson’s 1st birthday), house warming parties (Chris & Tracy’s in Louisville), visiting the super awesome Children’s Garden at the Arboretum, and spending lots of time at the lake.  You even got to take Grammy to the lake for the first time with us!  She loved it!  And she got to ride the inner tube with you both!  Although she sunk it with Lucas on it and you flipped off, so now you’re kind of scared of it hahaha!

As you can tell from the amount of pictures and stories from this month, it was a hugely busy month filled with friends, family, love and laughter.  Here’s to many more!  Love you lots!






























































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