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18 Weeks 4
Hi Baby Boy, First and foremost DADDY JUST FELT YOU KICK!!!   You are so strong! He keeps saying that he can’t believe he could feel you!  You are getting more powerful every day.  Today, kicking Daddy, tomorrow take over the world!!! So for my first belly pic update: The Beginning                                         […]

Belly Update

Hey Baby Boy! I feel you moving in there!!  What a cool sensation….  The first time I felt you move was actually the night we found out you are a boy.  I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and when I came back to bed I, […]

I feel you!

valentines2 2
Hi Baby Boy! I wanted to give the long version of our ultrasound day, (as your Aunt Katie calls it, “The Big Day”).   I know one day when we get old and senile we might not remember all of these details…. So, your Grandmother (Gramma? Granny? Grandma?  Grammy? She hasn’t […]

Feb 14th, the elongated story….

You’re a BOY!!  We love you already, Son   Happy Valentines Day!   And for your viewing pleasure, our ultrasound pictures from today.  Some are adorable, one is of genitals, some are of feet, and several make our baby boy look like an alien             […]

Boy oh Boy!

An hour until we find out if you’re a boy or a girl!!  Come on baby! Show us your genitals! That reminds me of an awesomely hilarious video to NOT watch at work 😉

T Minus 1 hour