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Dear Sweeties,

We were busy (again) this month.  The early part of the month was filled with some abnormally warm weather, we even took advantage of the high temps and went to Evan’s Orchard for some family fun.  Man oh man, do you guys love the orchards!  We spend time with Grammy and PopPop and Grandin this month, and you guys love having Grammy and PopPop chase you around and around and around our house.  You squeal with delight to be the prey.  Inevitably someone gets hurt by running into a door frame or counter (not naming any names, Emme), but you have such a blast that you continue to do it.   Also this month was school pictures- Emme it was your very first school pics!  You had the cutest little outfit with pigtails.   I may or may not have squealed when I saw the prints come out.  Lucas, you were unimpressed with photos this year, and looked a bit constipated in your pics hahahaha!  Still totally handsome though!

Our big event of the month was when we took a long weekend to go to Elyse’s brother, Desmond’s wedding in South Carolina.   We decided since we were already driving so far, we would make a little family getaway out of it.   We booked tickets on The Polar Express train in Bryson City, North Carolina.  You guys were so PUMPED to go on the train and meet Santa.  Of course earlier in the week we had watched the movie as a refresher.  You loved the singing of hot! hot! hot! hot chocolate!  And of course the cookies too!   We all wore Christmas jammies, slippers and robes (even me and Daddy!).  You loved getting your golden tickets, and also loved when the conductor came around and hole punched them. When Santa came around, you got to tell him what you wanted for Christmas- Lucas you said army men, and Emme you said princesses.  Santa reminded you to leave him cookies, and also carrots for the reindeer, and then he gave you both your own Christmas bell, just like in the movie!  We got to hear lots of jingling that night hahaha!  (Or rather hohoho!)    After our train ride to the North Pole, we loaded back up in the car and headed to Asheville, NC where we spent the next two nights.  Your Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin drove over Saturday morning to meet up with us in Asheville, we got to see a Christmas parade, and then we all went on a craft brewery tour.  You guys had a blast playing in the gardens, and games at the breweries, and we had a blast tasting all the local beers.  We also went to a chocolate factory that was delicious!  That night we went to mine and Daddy’s favorite resturant, Curate, in Asheville and had a phenomenal meal.   What a fun little add on to the wedding weekend!   The next day we got up and drove on to Columbia, South Carolina where Desmond was getting married.    The wedding was beautiful, and you guys looked amazing in your wedding outfits.  You loved seeing Desmond and Angie get married, and super duper loved seeing all of Elyse’s family there.  You both spent the night dancing away with the Hodges siblings.  Party animals!  After seeing the wedding, you guys kept talking about “getting married” and you wanted to marry each other.  It was so precious.  Emme, you were very upset when we told you that you could not marry your Bubba, hahaha.

To round out the month was Thanksgiving.  Grammy, PopPop, and Uncle Michael had flown out to California to see Uncle Joey for Thanksgiving, so it was just us, and Aunt Katie, and Grandin who celebrated in Louisville.   We actually had to celebrate a little bit late because Emme came down with a bad cold and bronchitis.  We also watched the UofL vs UK football game together (the Cards won, woohooo!)  You guys love hanging out with family.    To summarize, another good month goes down in the books.  Love you sweeties!



































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One thought on “Nov 2017

  • Therese

    It’s a new year, yeah! I loved your Christmas card. It is fun to see all the photos on your blog and watch your family grow. The kids are SO precious! I always look forward to the next batch of photos.
    Love you!