Aug 2016

Hi Babies!

A quick summary of the month of August-  Emme-  you turned 1.5 years old.  In August you were 33.5 inches tall, putting you at taller than 93% of other children your age.  Still thin, and always beautiful.   At only a year and a half old, you can string together words point to all your body parts, you love to tickle, sing twinkle twinkle (which you call Uppa Uppa for Up Above the World so hiiiiigh).  You love to make messes, and try to kill yourself on the regular by putting everything you come across in your mouth, climbing and throwing yourself from every high surface, crawling into spaces you shouldn’t be able to fit, and repeatedly brushing your teeth in your brother’s pee water.  You love love love your brother, and try to copy anything he does.   Lucas, you love to antagonize your sister, although you do still really love having her around as well.   Lucas you started a new class at your school this fall in to the 4 year old, Ms. Angela’s class.  You were very excited to get your super hero backpack and lunch box, and to see all your friends again.  Of course, you were most excited about being back in class with Ms. Rylie Grace Cox.   She remains the apple of your eye.   When I ask you who your best friends are you always still say Rylie Cox and Graham.  I’ve been told by the teachers that you and Rylie have to be separated in class with your backs to each other sitting at different tables because you two are still inseparable.  So sweet.  Lucas, this month you also played T-Ball.  It was so so cute to watch you out there in your little uniform playing with the big boys.  I can’t believe sports have officially started.

The rest of the month was filled with fun family activities, and park days, as well as visiting with family and lots of friends!! You had play dates with all the people you love.  It was also the Kentucky State Fair this month, which is tradition we go to.  PopPop came with us, and you guys had a BLAST.   It’s always amazing to watch you enjoy things.  Emme- your favorite thing was to watch the little duckies slide down a little metal slide, you laughed and laughed as they fell down the slide into the water.  Lucas- your favorite thing was the rides on the midway.  You especially loved the motorcycle ride, which you went on a multitude of times.    It’s so great making family memories with you two.  That’s what it’s all about guys, spending time with those you love.  And the two of you are more loved than you will ever know.   I love you both so much!

Love, Your Mama






















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