Monthly Archives: May 2016

My Sweet love dove Lucas Walter, Welcome to the New Year!  You went to a New Years Eve party with us at Lyric and Piper’s house and had a blast, spent the night, and the whole next day wtih the Reynolds’ too!  We love to have you and your sis […]

Lucas- January 2016

PicMonkey Collage 11 months
Dear Sis, Welcome to 2016.  You had a blast ringing in the New Year at your friends’ Lyric and Piper’s house.  You didn’t waste any time this month reaching milestones. On 1/9/16 you stood on your own in one place, on 1/15/16, at a little over 10.5 months old,  you […]

Emelyn- January 2016

PicMonkey Collage LucasDec1
Hi My Lukie Walter Love, Of course you loved the month of December, tons of playing, tons of family, tons of friends, and tons of toys!  What more could a 3 year old little boy want?  This month I took you to tour your new preschool that you start next […]

Lucas- December 2015

PicMonkey Collage 10 Months 1
Hi My Sweetie baby, December held my one of my two favorite holidays… Christmas!  It was so fun preparing you and your bubby for Christmas this year, especially since it was your first, and his first time understanding the magic of it.     We decorated for Christmas while being […]

Emelyn- December 2015