June- 23 Months

Hi baby,

Time is flying.  Your speech is still developing more and more every day.  You are growing up right before our eyes.  I want you to stay my little baby forever!  This month you have discovered baseball.  You are quite enthralled with bats now, and will even watch baseball on TV (omg, so boring!).   You still love all of the other sports too!.

This month was Father’s Day and we made a cute picture and frame you painted for Daddy.  He’s such a good dad to you, I hope you realize one day how extraordinary he really is, and I hope you grow up to be just like him!  On the picture the wording says ” I love to wear my Daddy’s shoes, and though my feet are small, when they are in Daddy’s shoes, I feel 10 feet tall. Someday I’ll grow to fill them, I only hope to be as fine a man, and great a dad as my Daddy is to me.”  Your Dad is amazing, and you idolize him.  Never forget how much he loves you!

A  new friend was born this month, Catalina!  You went to visit her, and were so sweet.  You wanted her to sit right next to you the whole time.   You love visiting with people, especially kids!  It’s amazing how kids are just drawn to other children.

You are now obsessed with Uncle Michael, you yell out, “Mike! Mike! Muncle Mike!  I luh you Muncle Mike!”   You like to play harmonicas with Muncle Mike, and generally just hang out near him.    Your Dad and I spent the night away from you to celebrate our anniversary that was in May.  We had a wonderful time, but sure did miss you.  My 33rd birthday was also this month.  I can’t believe I’m getting so old!  Ahhh!  33 really does seem old to me now, one day you will be this age, and I hope that you have found the happiness and love that your Dad and I have.    We love you!






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