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Hey Baby Lucas!   It was our first baby shower this past weekend, and it turned out fantastic!! Your Aunt Katie, and Aunties Alaina and Marcela worked together on it.   You are one spoiled little boy already!!                           […]

Rock n Roll Baby Shower

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Wow, time flies!  Your Dad and I have been married for 4 years today, and together for 10… A DECADE.  I guess that means we’re old!!   This anniversary was your Dad’s turn to plan it (we take turns each year).  He surprised me by planning a weekend in downtown Louisville.  […]

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

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28 Weeks Total Weight Gain– Up 19.4 pounds now, you are growing like a weed!! Cravings– Well, with the gestational diabetes scare of this week, I am going to be much more careful about any kind of sweets (except for the brownies and lemon bars that a vendor at work brought […]

28 weeks- Belly Update

Passed 5
Wooo! I passed the more in-depth 3 hour gestational diabetes test!!  What a huge relief!! I celebrated with 1.5 lemon bars for dessert at lunch today 😉 The test tastes like a suuuuuper sweet orange crush, so the actual drinking of it wasn’t too bad.  What sucked was that I couldn’t have […]

I passed!