December 2016

Hello my sweet babies!

December was a blast!  So so so much fun.  You guys are some lucky babies, and we are some lucky parents.   There was only one minor snafu where Lucas, you hit your head getting in the car after basketball practice, and cut it open pretty good.  It resulted in your first ER visit, and some glue to put you back together.  You were very brave even though it bled a lot!    The rest of the month went much better.  The first weekend in December we went to French Lick, Indiana for The Polar Express train ride!  You guys LOVE that movie.  Your Grammy, PopPop, Muncle Mike, Deanna, Grandin and Aunt Katie all went with us.  It was so so so so much fun!   We watched the movie several times in the weeks before we went, and everyone goes on the Polar Express in pajamas and robes, just like in the movie!   You get hot chocolate served by dancing waiters who even sing the hot! hot! hot! hot chocolate! song.   They read the book, and have a conductor who punches your golden ticket.   There is lots of dancing and singing, and guess what!  We even went to the North Pole and SANTA came aboard!  You got to meet him and get photos with him.  So much fun was had by all.    The rest of the weekend was spent exploring French Lick Hotel and West Baden, both beautiful places.

The month was filled with basketball, and Christmas festivities.  You guys LOVE decorating for Christmas and love to help us hang our ornaments (makes me a nervous wreck because I might die if one gets broken from all our vacations over the years).   Elfie came back this year, and you both enjoyed spotting him in his various hiding places around the house.  On Christmas Eve you woke up and Elfie had brought you a box with new christmas jammies and all the fixins for a movie day!  How did that crafty elf know we wanted to go to a movie?   So on Christmas Eve we took you guys to see Moana, and it was Emme’s very first movie ever!  You both did really well, but Daddy’s butt did not, as he got covered in chocolate from candy that Emme spilled hahaha!   We made cookies for Santa, and set out milk, a letter, and carrots for the reindeer.  Christmas eve you guys were hyper hyper hyper from all the popcorn, candy, and sampling Santa’s cookies!  We thought you’d never go to sleep!  Especially you Emme OMG.  At one point we even were startled by a noise, and turned around to see Emme’s room glowing blue from a light saber she was in her bed playing with, it was so funny hahaha!!    You guys get in so much trouble, and Emme you do the most of it, lol!   So curious and into EVERYTHING.   You have a very loyal Facebook following who loves to hear your stories.   I’ve had several people beg me to write a book of your escapades.

We all woke up Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought.  You guys shrieked in excitement as you tore through your presents to see what you had got.  You both received a huge amount of presents, and had an absolute blast opening them.  It was as much fun for your Dad and I to watch you.  After presents we cooked our traditional Christmas morning pancakes (Mama LOVES blueberry sauce with whipcream on them, yummy yummy!).    Then we packed up to head to Louisville.  When we got to Louisville there were even MORE presents there!  We had a huge Christmas meal at Grammy and PopPop’s house and you guys had a great time playing with your new toys, and hanging with family.   Our final Christmas celebration came at the end of the month when we headed to TN to celebrate with our family down there.  Of course it was great to see everyone, and not suprisingly you loved playing with your new toys, and playing with your cousins, and aunts and uncles.   Lastly we finished out 2016 at Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin’s New Years Eve party.  We had karoake and you two were SO CUTE singing all the Beatles songs.  Your favorite tv show is called The Beat Bugs which features all Beatles songs throughout its episodes, so needless to say, you both know the words to all the Beatles songs. hahaha!    This year was amazing.  We are so thankful to have happy, and healthy kids, and that we all really enjoy our time together.  There’s no one I’d rather spend time with than you three.   We are a great team.  I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.  Love you so much my babies.    Love, Your Mama

















































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