Jan 2018

Hi Sweeties,

Welcome to 2018! I hope it’s filled with health, love and laughter!   This month was filled with more fun activities, hanging out with friends, birthday parties, arts & crafts, and all kinds of fun stuff.   Emme, you got your first “naughty” note home from school, and it was HYSTERICAL.  Like so so funny.   You’ll just have to see the picture of it to see what I mean, oh and don’t worry- I saved the original as a keepsake as well HAHAHA You’re welcome.   Oh also, you also have your first boyfriend at school.  A little boy named Sam!  I’ve been getting updates and pictures from your teacher, so cute!   Lucas, you have been loving your hot wheels car factory you got for Christmas.  You think it’s super cool to make and decorate your own cars.  Both of you love projects!  You also love to pretend you’re big and drink “fancy drinks” out of “fancy cups” and cheers us!   Normally your fancy drink is sparkling apple cider.  I also loved that as a kid!

You’ve had a cupcake decorating party with your friends Lyric  & Piper, and cookie decorating contest with the family.  Oh and also decorating some stone turtles.  Lucas, your favorite toys right now are your army men.  You love, love, love, love your army men!  You like to set them up, and will even play quite a long time by yourself.    Oh! You guys also got to go play in the snow this month.  You had a good time running around in it, we even built a fire in the firepit.    Emme, you got to go to your school friend’s, Fairyn’s Princess Party this month.  You LOVE that place.  You get to dress up in a princess dress, and get your nails, makeup and hair done, then have a tea party and play games with Aurora, the real princess!   You are so enamored with her!   It’s really precious.   I also had several moms tell me that their daughters say you are their best friend.  It made me proud to know that you are a kind girl and play with everyone.   Lucas, while Emme and I went to the Princess party, you and Daddy got to go on a Daddy/Son date.  You guys went to play laser tag for the very first time and had a BLAST.  Unfortunately (and so typical haha) Daddy forgot to take any photos of your outing, but suffice it to say you had a great time!

We also went on a little weekend getaway  to Knoxville.  Well, actually, it was for my consulting job, but we consider it a fun little trip.  You guys love going to the hotel, and finding fun stuff to do there while I’m working!  Daddy takes you to museums, and parks and all over.  Jennifer and Chris even drove up and met us one day and we got to go to lunch, and hang out.  It was so much fun!  We’re lucky to be able to have this opportunity.   Lastly this month, we celebrated Grammy 65th birthday!  Grammy & PopPop, Aunt Katie, and Grandin all came to Lexington and we went to the hibachi grill for lunch.  Then I took Grammy for pedicures & mimosas, and then we came back and you three kids were chomping at the bit to eat cake and sing happy birthday to your Grammy!  And of course, Emme- you wanted your toenails painted just like ours.   Lucas, you were too busy having nerf gun wars with PopPop, Grandin, and your Daddy to fret over nails hahaha.  Overall, it was a fun month, and great start to the year.  Love you sweeties!

































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