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Dear Babies, You keep growing and growing and growing!  Each month we have so many new adventures, it gets harder to keep track of them all!  It’s September now, and Emme -we got rid of your beloved paci.  You adore your paci, so we have been dreading this for quite some […]

Sept 2016

Hi Baby Girl, We have decided on your name….. Are you ready for it? You are: Emelyn Catherine Atkinson! I know most people have not heard the name Emelyn, pronounced “EmmaLynn” but we think it is beautiful. Lucas is already calling you “Emme” as a nickname (well, he pronounces it […]

Hello! My name is…..

PicMonkey Collage GIRL- 1
Ohhhh the anticipation of finding out if you were a boy or girl.  We anxiously and impatiently waited for the day to come when we would find out.  For weeks I had been feeling you kick and flip in my belly (SO amazing!).  I love to know you’re in there.  […]

To Our Baby Girl

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A back dated blog post from the day we found out about baby #2….. 6-13-14 Dear Baby, We found out on Friday, the 13th of June, 2014 that you were going to be our second child.  We are so so so happy.  You are going to make Lucas a big […]

Finding Out 06-13-14

The December update is delayed because of technical difficulties at the Atkinson Abode.  My computer is refusing to download any photos :-/. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running soon.  Stay tuned!

Technical difficulties