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Baby Bubby, We got the most AMAZING NEWS yesterday!  Your head is normal and you don’t have to have surgery! Woooooooooo!  This made your Dad and myself so incredibly happy, we both cried (good tears!) when the Dr told us. He said the ridges on your head were something that […]


2 month
Hey Lucas Walter, Here is your 2 month growth comparison.  Actually your 2 month birthday isn’t until the 19th, but we did the picture on your 8 week birthday instead.  The 19th is the day we go into the neurosurgery consult so we figured we might not have time. Look […]

2 Month Growth Comparison

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Hi Baby Man, On Thursday you turned 8 weeks old.  You are getting astondingly more reactive.  If we stick out our tongue at you, you even laugh and copy us!  It’s so strange to see an 8 week old stick his tongue back out at me!     We’ve had a rough week […]

8 Weeks

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Hey Baby, We asked all of our friends and family to help us research who the very best pediatric neurosurgeon is for you.  Everyone pulled together and we’ve decided on Dr Moriarty at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville.    Your CT scan and consult with Dr Moriarty are on Wednesday to […]

Your head

Bad news on the xray for baby Lucas, he now needs a referral for a pediatric neurosurgeon and needs a CT scan.  We have to decide between University of Kentucky, who has one pediatric neurosurgeon (Dr Pitman?), and Louisville.  Our Dr. seemed to be encouraging us to go to Louisville […]


Hey my man, Well, my first day of work was stressful.  Work itself wasn’t bad, I just kinda jumped back into the mix of things.  Pumping milk for you was a pain in the butt, but Mommy’s milk is best so even though it’s annoying I’ll continue to do it […]

A stressful first day back at work

Hey Wuuucas Walter, You were 7 weeks old on Thursday….amazing!  I know I keep saying it, but I just can NOT believe how fast you are growing.  And you are such a sweet kid.  You are starting to sleep longer stretches at night Wooooooo!!!  You’re still not sleeping through the […]

7 weeks

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Hey Baby Boy, You are getting much more of a personality nowadays.  You smile and interact, but also throw little fits if you don’t get what you want (namely milk NOW!).   You aren’t very patient 😉   We’re still struggling to get you on a good sleeping schedule.  It seems that […]

Little updates