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Hi my Lucas Walter,

You are now 2 year and 4 months old, as of mid November.  How time flies!  You are talking up a storm now, and it’s so awesome to hear what you have to say.  You are very curious, and you also love to announce what things belong to each person.   You now call me Mommy instead of Mama about 65% of time time, and Daddy instead of Dada about 90% of the time.  Our little baby is growing up!

You are almost 30 pounds, and 35-36 inches tall (36″ when laying down how they measure little kids, and about 35″ standing up how the measure big kids… strange how much of a difference it is!)   You are solidly in 2T clothes (actually many shirts are 3T), and your pajamas all have to be 3T otherwise they’re too small.   You are about to outgrow your size 8 shoes.  Luckily I’ve got 8.5 waiting for you in your closet.

You currently love money (you like the coins much better than dollar bills- haha!), and love to put stuff in your pockets.  You still love all sports, and every day play one kind or another.  I think we have enough balls to start our own store!   You are still OBSESSED with Curious George.  George is by far your favorite and you beg for him morning and night even though we’ve seen every episode a bajillion times.   You also love Mickey Mouse, and a couple others, but no one comes close to George.   You still love to ride your bike, and are really good at it.   This month you are obsessed with your tools, and building stuff with Daddy.  You love to screw stuff, and hammer stuff.  You’ve been watching Daddy a lot, and want to be just like him.   You also like to sit on the counter and watch him cook (he’s standing right with you so you won’t fall).

You are still doing great in your big boy bed.  At night time, you get 15-20 minutes of George, then brush your teeth about 7:15- 7:20 (always a fight).  Then all 3 of us climb into your big bed and you sit between us while we read you books.  We normally read 3 books.  Then Daddy will flip off the lights and leave the room, and I’ll sit with you while you fall asleep.  You still love my hair and hold it in your hands and rub it across your face, just as you’ve done your whole life.  You’ll roll on your belly and say “Rub my back?”, and if I stop rubbing you’ll grab my hand and make me rub some more.  Haha, no idea where you learned that from ;).    Normally you’re totally asleep by 8 to 8:30 pm, then I’ll creep out of your room so Daddy and I can watch some of our tv shows.

This month was exciting because your Uncle Joey and his band, Mount Saint Elias,  were on tour and came to visit.  You called him a combination of JoJo, Muncle JoJoey, and Joey.  It was so cute.  You loved getting to jam with the band and see all the instruments.   We also celebrated Thanksgiving early so that Joey could be there.   You’ve gotten to do art projects this month to send to Grammy and PopPop in Australia (what a mess!), oh and you love to visit me at work. You think the caps we wear at the lab are really cool hats, and I always give you one to take home.    You think boobs are really funny, and especially funny if you put balls up your shirt and pretend that you have Mommy boobs too.

You have tons of cute little sayings, that I just love.  You say my instead of I.   ” My do it!”  “My love you!”   “My know what that does!”     You also say Wes instead of Yes.   So if we ask you a question, you will nod your head and say “wes”.   Adorable :)  you also call the TV, the TB.   And many others too.   You are very independent at times, so we hear “my do it! My wanna do it!”  a lot of times a day.

As you are well into your twos, you have become a bit more energetic (especially because the weather has not been good enough to play outside a lot).  You’re more of a handful nowadays, but still the most marvelous little boy I could have imagined.  We love you Lucas Walter!








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