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PicMonkey Collage BothDec49
Hello my sweet babies! December was a blast!  So so so much fun.  You guys are some lucky babies, and we are some lucky parents.   There was only one minor snafu where Lucas, you hit your head getting in the car after basketball practice, and cut it open pretty […]

December 2016

PicMonkey Collage BothNov24
Hi My Babies, The month of November was full of fun family visits with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Your Uncle Joey flew back in, so we had the whole Coe Family together again.  You guys love spending time with your family, and relish all the extra attention you get when they’re […]

November 2016

PicMonkey Collage BothOct42
Hi my sweeties, October is wonderful weather here in Kentucky so this month was full of fun outdoor adventures.  We enjoyed many park days, and made it to two different orchards to play at (Boyd’s and our traditional Bi-Water Farms).  We even got to go to King’s Island for the […]

October 2016