May 2017

Hi Sweeties,

The month of May was great! We had SO much going on, it was also a bit nuts at the same time, per the norm in our lives hahaha!  Where to even start?  I guess we’ll go chronologically.  Lucas- you had more fun stuff at school this month, including the school carinval!  I got to surprise you and come on my lunch break, you were so excited to see me, and yelled MAMA! And ran into my arms for a hug.  So sweet!  The next big event of May was Derby and Lamb Roast, and of course Uncle Joey was in to celebrate both with us.   You guys got all dressed up for the Derby party at Grammy and PopPop’s house.  It was so fun for all of us to watch it together!  And PopPop had a good win!  It was amazing to be there to celebrate together.    You guys love when your Uncle Joey visits, and want to be with him all the time when he’s there.   We all had a really good time on Saturday, and also Sunday at Muncle Michael’s house for the 47th annual Lamb Roast.

On May 9th, Daddy and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and on May 12th Grammy and PopPop celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.    Mother’s Day you guys made me a cute handprint craft, and were very proud of it.  Daddy also organized a picnic at the park for Mother’s day, and we had such a great day.    I’m so lucky to be your Mama.     Towards the end of the month I was hired down to Knoxville for my consulting job, and Daddy brought you down to the hotel for the weekend.   You guys LOVE hotels.  You love everything about them, and are so excited when we get to stay in one.  You got to swim, and go to the lake, and fun restaurants, and also visit our favorite Sir Gooney’s to play on the inflatable water slides, and go carts.  What a great work weekend with a bonus weekend getaway thrown in!

For memorial weekend, we decided to try out a new lake we had just found out about.  It’s called Cave Run Lake and it’s an hour away in Morehead, KY.  We went to a beach there, and packed a picnic and had a fantastic time.  They had this sidewalk underwater that you can walk the shore of the lake on.  It was so cool and you guys loved it!  As we sat on the shore of that lake, Daddy and I talked about how awesome it would be to have a boat, now that we had discovered a beautiful lake only an hour from our house.  We talked about the amazing family times we could have, and the great lifestyle we could give you guys growing up in the “lake life” mentality.    That was on a Monday, we went home that night and began scouring the internet for boats, only half seriously.  We wanted to see if we could make it work.  On Wednesday we saw it! Our boat!  We knew we had to have it.   Daddy said he would sell one of his guitars, and he got us the money for our very first boat.  We didn’t tell you guys we were getting it, we just pulled up to the house in the middle of the day, and told you to look out of the window.  You guys were SOOOOO EXCITED!  You immediately ran out to it, and wanted to get in and play in it!    We spent that whole evening “playing” in the boat, which is fun, even out of the water!    So just two days after finding Cave Run Lake, we bought our first boat.  Thank goodness for Memorial Day weekend!!   We can’t wait to take you out for your first lake day!!































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