May- 22 Months 2

Yes, I know, I know… super late!  The post was written months ago, I just had to organize the photos!

Hello Lukie Walter,

Spring time is upon us, and it’s been wonderful already.  Your Uncle Joey flew back in from San Francisco for Lamb Roast (the 44th annual).  You loved getting to visit with him.   Lamb Roast was hosted at Grammy and Pop Pop’s house this year, even though they are in Australia so they didn’t get to enjoy it.   You spent the day getting loved on by various family members, friends, and playing with your buddies Ella, Ben, and Koen.     May 9th was mine and Daddy’s 6th wedding anniversary (12 years together).   We went out to a nice dinner, and got massages, and next month Daddy has a surprise overnight getaway planned.     A couple days later was Mother’s Day.  You and Daddy made me a beautiful flower painting that I have framed and put on my wall at work.  I am so lucky to have you two boys in my life.

You went swimming in a big pool for the first time, and loved it!  We’ve also played in a blow up pool in the backyard quite a few times.  Your buddy Uncle Terry came to visit, and you remembered him from when we stayed at their house in Maine last year.  You got to love on him (and his dog Chloe) a lot too.    May is also PigRoast month down in TN.  You got to hang out and visit with all of our Tennessee family, and of course you loved every minute of it.  Your Grandaddy, and Granny Pat, Uncle BJ, Aunt Jera, Uncle Kevin, Uncle Michael, and Deanna, Cousins Camron, Nathan, Chelsea, Dylan, Tyler, and Chase were there too.  As well as lots of friends (Jennifer, Daniel, Raymond, Matt Petty, Alaina, Pam, Jackie, Amy, Jimmy Dell, Shawn Parker) who have known you since before you were born.    The day after PigRoast we went out on the lake on a pontoon boat.  You had a great time, splashing in the water.  You are a water baby through and through.

This month your speech is really developing, and you like to repeat a lot of things.  You will say luh you mama, and it is so sweet.  If you get in trouble you say saw mama (sorry mama) and hug and kiss.  You’re still rotten to the dog, and you also like to pull my hair a lot, so you are no stranger to time out.   You LOVE to throw the ball.  Basketball is still your fav, but you also love kicking a soccer ball (and throwing it), and throwing a small football.  Daddy, you and I will get in a triangle in the living room and throw the ball to each other.  Sometimes Daddy will try to mix it up and throw it to the wrong person, and you tell him No Dada!   You also can ride your bike!!!! A real big boy bike! You can pedal it and everything.  Sometimes you need a little help getting started, but I’m really impressed with your skills.

Oh, this month we also planted a garden in pots on our back porch. Every day we go outside to check on it and water it.  You loved digging in the dirt to help us plant everything.  In fact, you love digging in any dirt.  You even have your very own shovel.   You like to play on your swing set in the backyard, and really love to go to the park.  We have packed picnic lunches and taken them to the park up the street just to spend a couple hours letting you play on the playground, and kick the ball around.  Oh, you’re also still really in to music.  You grab Daddy’s microphone and start singing Love, Love, Love (the Beatles).  You also like to put his headphones on and walk around with the iphone tucked in your pocket listening to music.  Like father, like son.  You are wearing 24 months- 2T clothes now, and look like a little boy as opposed to a baby.

We love you baby.

Love, Mama












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