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PicMonkey Collage April6 1
Our sweetest Lucas, You are now 9 months old!  (Actually, 9 months plus a week and a half because I’m late writing this.)  Each month I can’t believe how much you’ve changed.  First of all, you’re BIG!  You’re getting so long  (even wearing some 18 month size pants and outfits!).  […]

9 Month Update

  SOOOOOO cute!  We got your 8 month photos back!   LOVE!                                                                               […]

Eeeeek! New photos!

PicMonkey Collage Easter3
Lucas! Guess what?!?  The Easter bunny came to visit you.  And you were such a lucky boy, you got TWO baskets, one at Grammy and Poppy’s house, and one from our house.  You got lots of new books, and a cool toy, a stuffed animal and even a finger toothbrush to […]

Your First Easter