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PicMonkey Grammy 8-29-12 1
Your Grammy and Poppy visited yesterday, and you were quite the ham!  Smiling and even some giggles for them.  You showed off your obsession for the ceiling fan by contiously staring at it for awhile. You were also enthralled with your Poppy’s voice, you would turn to stare at him […]

Grammy and Poppy’s visit and full of smiles

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Dear Lucas Walter, Wow, today you are 6 weeks old… SIX WEEKS!  Holy moly, I can’t believe it!! You continue to change each and every day!  You are making really good eye contact, especially when I feed you, you love to stare at me.   You are also smiling on purpose […]

6 Weeks

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Technical Difficulties

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Yay! Your newborn pictures are back! You were sooo tiny!  They were taken at 1 week old by Kelly Beach Photography.  Love them!                  

Newborn Pics

You are SO much bigger than you were just 3 weeks ago.    The “Ugly Doll” that you are pictured with is what I bought your Dad on the day we found out we were pregnant with you!  I surprised him with a card, the ugly doll, and a pendant with […]

1 Month Photo Comparison

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Lucas Walter, I can NOT believe it’s been 4 weeks since you were born.  You have changed so so much in this time.  You are getting really long, everyone keeps commenting about it!   In fact, you’ve almost outgrown your 0-3 month clothes already because you’re so tall!  Wasn’t it just last week that you outgrew your […]

Week 4

Hey My Man, On Thursday I pumped some milk for you into a bottle, and Daddy got to feed you for the very first time!  How sweet   You ate it like a champ, with no confusion over it being from a bottle instead of from me.    We did this […]

First Bottle

Hey my man! You are 3 weeks old today, time is FLYING by!!  It makes me sad to see how fast you’re growing up, but happy all at the same time.  You are noticeably bigger, and have officially outgrown your newborn diapers and all of your newborn clothes.  On Monday Dad […]

3 weeks today

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Hey Lucas Walter! An exciting day today! Your umbilical cord stump finally fell off and you were able to have your first bath!  Yay!   You seemed to like it.  In fact you felt so much at ease you peed all over the place.  It shot out of the bath and […]

First Bath Today

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Hey Baby Man, I wanted to post some of my favorite pics before I get old and senile and forget!  Some of my favs are of you and your Dad.                                           […]

Some favorite pictures

So, I’m a tad slow putting up pictures of all your visitors.  So many people love you already!   Here are some pics of more family (Grammy, Poppy, and Aunt Katie) getting to meet you for the first time, as well as other friends and Aunties who stopped by!  There were […]


1 1
Hey my man! You had your 2 week check up today, and you have already grown a whole 1.5 inches.  True to Atkinson form, you are tall and skinny!   You have gained a good amount of weight, and are now 8lbs 1 oz, and 21 inches long.  That puts you […]

2 weeks stats