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23 weeks 2
Well Little Man, you’re continuing to grow!  And making my belly grow!  You’ ve been moving a ton (as the video evidence I posted earlier showed).   Total Weight Gain–  12 pounds Cravings– Will bought me some caramel ice cream.  OH MY GOD it was so good.  And then he […]

Belly Update 23 weeks

The Beginning 4
My belly keeps growing and growing!!            The Beginning                                                                                                 21 Weeks Total Weight Gain–  6 pounds as of last week at the Dr’s appointment Cravings– Still no absolute ‘must have’ cravings, but I am consistently eating an apple with lemon juice squeezed on it (to stop it from browning once it’s […]

Belly Update at 21 weeks

lucaswalter 9
Hi Baby Boy!! We have finally come to an agreement on your name, well part of it anyways. Are you ready for it………..?           That’s you baby boy….Lucas.  We are undecided as to whether you will have two middle names as of now.  It will either […]

The Name Game

newguitar 1
To my Son, We are halfway through the pregnancy now and I’m very eager to meet you. Hopefully, when you look back at these letters, you will see how much your mother and I already loved you before you were even born. I hope, thus far, we’ve done well raising […]

New Son, New Guitar

Atkinson_Sarah_24c 1
Hi Little Boy! This week we had your 20 week ultrasound where they take all kinds of measurements and make sure everything looks okay.  The good news is you look great!!!  The Dr said my placenta (which is nourishing you) is a little low, so if it doesn’t move in […]

Yup, still a boy!

Hi Baby Boy! Today you are 20 weeks, half way there!!  It’s weird because the first half of this pregnancy went SO SLOW when I was sick, I couldn’t imagine making it through another week.  Now that I feel better time is passing faster, before we know it you will be […]

Half Baked