April 2017

Hi Babies!  April was another busy month (is there a month that isn’t busy?!).  Lucas, we had your Easter program at school, which was SO CUTE, and then we got to attend the luncheon and eat with you.  You love anytime we get to visit your school.    The biggest event of this month was, of course, EASTER!   Man oh man did you guys have a great Easter.   You had fun preparing while we decorated our house, and dyed easter eggs, and made easter cookies.    The weekend before Easter we went on an easter egg hunt at Buffalo Trace Distillery where Grammy, PopPop, Aunt Katie, and Grandin met up with us.  After that Aunt Katie went with us to the Salato Wildlife center, and we had a great time seeing all the animals.  The very next weekend was Easter.  You guys were so pumped for the Easter Bunny to come.   Saturday the weather was going to be nice, so we went into Louisville, and had Easter with the family there.  You got huge baskets of stuff from Grammy and PopPop, and we had a MASSIVE Easter egg hunt for you in Grammy and PopPop’s yard.  Seriously, we hid like 300-400 eggs, filled with candy and money.  You guys absolutely loved it.  Grandin, and you two ran around that yard as fast as you could filling your baskets and being SOOOOOOO excited.   It made filling every one of those eggs totally worth it.  It’s one of my favorite traditions to watch you guys hunt for the eggs.  Especially in PopPop’s magic forest.  They’re hidden in every crevice you can think of! Eggs everywhere!    Grammy made us a huge Easter meal, and we all got to say what we were thankful for.   It was  a really nice Easter celebration.    We went home that night to prepare for the Easter Bunny making a visit to our house.  You guys woke up in the morning, and ran out to the living room, and Lucas saw where the baskets were hidden right away!  You guys excitedly got to open all the stuff in your Easter baskets, squealing in delight with all the stuff you got!    Daddy made us bunny shaped pancakes with banana ears for our Easter breakfast, and we got to enjoy the day as a family.  It was a great weekend together.  Just what holidays should be- all about the family time.

Some other exciting stuff this month- Daddy and I went on a mini-getaway to Asheville, North Carolina to the Biltmore Estate to celebrate our anniversary.  We’ve been together 15 years, and married for 9.  Grammy and PopPop watched you guys for the weekend, and you had a blast!  Definitely harder on us that on you.  Daddy and I had a great time away for the weekend, but also missed you guys a bunch, and every little thing we saw reminded us of you!

The rest of the month was filled up with a lot of sports- Lucas you had your first soccer game, and both of you had your first swimming lessons this month.  Emme, you really like sitting on the potty by yourself, and want your privacy!    Emme, you got a new dollhouse from Aunt Laina, that you LOVE.  It was Ella’s when she was a little girl and now they’ve passed it down it down to you.  Lucas, even you like playing with it, but of course you like to put your ninjas, and super heroes in there instead hahaha!   We’ve had great picnics in the backyard, and also got to spend a whole weekend visiting with Grammy when she came to stay with us for a visit- chuck e cheese, the playground, and lots more!

That about sums up April, I sure do love you two.  More than you’ll ever know!  Love, Mama








































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