PicMonkey Collage BothMarch9!
Hi Sweeties! March has come and went and we had so many exciting things going on!  Emme, you had your first swimming lesson.  You sank like a rock hahaha!  Looked me dead in the eye, let go of the side of the pool, and just sank!  I screamed and jumped […]

March 2018

Picmonkey Valentines (not original)
Dear Emme, My sweet baby girl, you are THREE years old today. I’m still not sure how this has happened. Where has the time gone? I still pinch myself to believe that I got the daughter that I so desperately wanted. You are a Mama’s girl through and through. Not […]

Feb 2018 & Emme’s 3rd Birthday!

PicMonkey Collage BothJan22
Hi Sweeties, Welcome to 2018! I hope it’s filled with health, love and laughter!   This month was filled with more fun activities, hanging out with friends, birthday parties, arts & crafts, and all kinds of fun stuff.   Emme, you got your first “naughty” note home from school, and it was […]

Jan 2018

PicMonkey Collage BothDec69
Hi Sis Atkinson and Bub Atkinson, What a fun December you guys had!  One of the most fun months of the year because of our favorite holiday- Christmas!!  We have a family tradition of decorating, we listen to festive holiday music, and we drink Egg Nog (C.F Burger’s Eggnog, not […]

Dec 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothNov32 1
Dear Sweeties, We were busy (again) this month.  The early part of the month was filled with some abnormally warm weather, we even took advantage of the high temps and went to Evan’s Orchard for some family fun.  Man oh man, do you guys love the orchards!  We spend time […]

Nov 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothOct89-3
Hi Baby Sweeties! The month of October was SLAMMED with amazing adventures.  It took me forever to organize our billions of photos.   We stuck to our family traditions this month of yearly family photo session, visits to the Fall Festival at Biwater Farms, decorating for Halloween, and all kinds of […]

Oct 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothSept39
Hello My Sweeties! September came and went super fast.   The  most notable event that happened month was BOTH of my babies started school.  You read that right…. BOTH of you!  What?  How is it even possible?!  Emme, you started in the 2 year old class taught by Ms. Hester, and […]

September 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothAug23+
Hi My Sweeties! Another fun filled month has passed us by.  You guys are growing by the second, getting older and more mature ever time we blink.  It’s crazy how much you change.   Some exciting things that happened this month-  Emme, you are daytime potty trained! Wooooooo!  At age 2.5, […]

Aug 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothJuly60
Hi my Sweeties! Well first off, and most importantly, on July 19th, Lucas Walter you turned 5 years old.  I can’t believe 5 years ago you made me a Mama. You are an amazing little boy.  Sweetness with enough rascal mixed in to make you interesting.   You love cuddles and […]

July 2017 & Lucas’ 5th Birthday

PicMonkey Collage BothJune24
Hi Sweeties, Can you believe it? I’ve caught up on blog posts to live time, I never thought it’d happen!  Woo!  Anyways, last month (June) was super fun.  You started out the month with the Seton country fair.  You guys LOVE the fair.  You get to play games, and ride […]

June 2017

PicMonkey Collage EmmeMay1
Hi Sweeties, The month of May was great! We had SO much going on, it was also a bit nuts at the same time, per the norm in our lives hahaha!  Where to even start?  I guess we’ll go chronologically.  Lucas- you had more fun stuff at school this month, […]

May 2017

PicMonkey Collage LucasApril2
Hi Babies!  April was another busy month (is there a month that isn’t busy?!).  Lucas, we had your Easter program at school, which was SO CUTE, and then we got to attend the luncheon and eat with you.  You love anytime we get to visit your school.    The biggest event […]

April 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothMarch20
Hi My Sweeties, March had some fun stuff happening, even though I was still recovering (the recovery seemed to take FOREVER, ended up being 6 months before I felt normalish again).    This month we had Grandin’s second birthday party it was a Hippie party because he was turning two […]

March 2017

PicMonkey Collage 2 years (1)
Baby Girl,  I can’t believe it’s been two years already. You are my best little buddy, a total Mama’s girl always by my side. You’re wild and feisty, beautiful, kind, and sweet. You’re smart as a whip, and gives hugs and kisses if we say we’re sad. I’m so grateful that having a daughter […]

Feb 2017 Emme – 2 years old

PicMonkey Collage LucasJan1
Helloooooo my sweeties! Welcome to the new year!  January was a mix of great times, and very bad times (Mama’s surgery).  We’ll start with the good times-  while we didn’t get to go outside in the snow (only one big snow and it was frigidly freezing outside at the time), […]

Jan 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothDec49
Hello my sweet babies! December was a blast!  So so so much fun.  You guys are some lucky babies, and we are some lucky parents.   There was only one minor snafu where Lucas, you hit your head getting in the car after basketball practice, and cut it open pretty […]

December 2016

PicMonkey Collage BothNov24
Hi My Babies, The month of November was full of fun family visits with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Your Uncle Joey flew back in, so we had the whole Coe Family together again.  You guys love spending time with your family, and relish all the extra attention you get when they’re […]

November 2016

PicMonkey Collage BothOct42
Hi my sweeties, October is wonderful weather here in Kentucky so this month was full of fun outdoor adventures.  We enjoyed many park days, and made it to two different orchards to play at (Boyd’s and our traditional Bi-Water Farms).  We even got to go to King’s Island for the […]

October 2016

PicMonkey Collage LucasSept1
Dear Babies, You keep growing and growing and growing!  Each month we have so many new adventures, it gets harder to keep track of them all!  It’s September now, and Emme -we got rid of your beloved paci.  You adore your paci, so we have been dreading this for quite some […]

Sept 2016

PicMonkey Collage Aug Lucas4
Hi Babies! A quick summary of the month of August-  Emme-  you turned 1.5 years old.  In August you were 33.5 inches tall, putting you at taller than 93% of other children your age.  Still thin, and always beautiful.   At only a year and a half old, you can string […]

Aug 2016