November 2016

Hi My Babies,

The month of November was full of fun family visits with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Your Uncle Joey flew back in, so we had the whole Coe Family together again.  You guys love spending time with your family, and relish all the extra attention you get when they’re around.    We also went to TN this month to welcome home Cousin Camron from marine bootcamp.  More family time with Aunt Jera, Uncle Kevin, Camron, Nathan, Grandaddy and Granny Pat, Uncle BJ, Mischele, and all your other cousins.  You guys have lots of people who love you!

Lucas, this month was your first basketball practice and you loved it!  You really like doing the drills, but don’t care too much about actually playing, you really just want to dribble and shoot.  Hahaha!  Emme, you wanted so badly to get out on the court with your Bub, we repeatedly had to run after you, giving us more of a workout than the players themselves got!  One of the days coming home from basketball Lucas, you fell and cut your head on the car, we had to go to the Emergency Room where they glued your head back together.  You were so brave!  We’re hoping the scar won’t last a long time poor baby.

You guys are growing so much, it’s astonishing to see.  Lucas- you even recited the Pledge of Allegiance to me! I didn’t even know you could say any of it, and you said the whole entire thing.  Emme, you are talking up a storm, and copying everything your Bubby does.  We had more visits with friends this month, meeting new babies, and playing with old friends.  You both are social butterflies and love to interact with others.  It’s crazy to watch how you learn and grow.   Of course, what I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving month is our family.  You two are amazing, just simply amazing! I can’t believe you’re ours. We love you so much!

























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