Yearly Archives: 2015

PicMonkey Collage LucasSept 1
Hi my baby Lucas Walter, Another great end of summer month.  You did so much this month.  We went tailgating with PopPop to a Louisville cardinal football game, and you loved seeing the marching band, and even got to high-five every single football player AND the fighting Cardinal.  You don’t […]

Lucas- September 2015

Hi Sweet Sis, During September you turned 7 months old.    You are now rolling all around the floor to get to where you want to go (and you get really angry when you can’t change direction.)  You love to eat food, and thus far have tried sweet potatoes, pears, […]

Emelyn- September 2015

PicMonkey Collage LucasAug5
Hi My Lukie Lukes, You’re growing up so much from day to day.  It’s amazing the conversations that pop out of your mouth now.  You are so curious about everything, and love asking questions, and then more questions, and then more questions.   You continue to test your boundaries at […]

Lucas- August 2015

Hi My Baby Sister, During the month of July you turned 5 months old.  You are so sweet, with the most infectiously happy personality.  You kick your feet and jump and jump when you see me.  Then you grab my cheeks with your hands and open your mouth really wide […]

Emelyn- July 2015

3 Years Old!!! 3 Years ago you made me a mama.  It’s hard to believe time has flown by so fast.  Gone are the days of you laying on my chest snuggling me all day, and snuggling Daddy all night, gone are the days where you could barely lift your […]

Lucas- July 2015… 3 Years Old!

PicMonkey Collage BothJune4 1
Hellllllllooooo my sister baby, The month of June you turned 4 months.    And on June 13th it was exactly a year, to the day of when we found out we were pregnant with you.  It’s so amazing that at this time last year, all we knew about you was […]

Emelyn- June 2015

PicMonkey Collage LucasJune6 1
Hi my Lukie Walter, You have really turned in to such a big boy all of a sudden.  It’s so sad to see you growing so fast, yet amazingly happy to see you developing and interacting, and becoming a big kid.  First and foremost, I would like to announce that […]

Lucas- June 2015

Hi My Lukie Walt, May was a busy busy busy month! It started out with the 45th Annual Lamb Roast. It was originally started by your great-Grampa Evanoff, and then the tradition carried on through the years in the Coe Family.  I got you, Grandin, and Emme matching t-shirts, and […]

Lucas- May 2015

IMG_2628 2
Hi Baby Girl/Sissy/Sister/Sweetie/Baby Beauty/Emme/Emelyn, In May  you were between 9.5 weeks, and 13.5 weeks old.  You are such a sweet baby.  You love to giggle and smile at us.  You open your mouth wide when you’re excited, and bat your arms around.  You love when people smile at you, and […]

Emelyn- May 2015

PicMonkey Collage LucasApril6
Hi my Lukie Walter, You are no longer a baby, you have grown into a little boy right before our very eyes.  You are thriving as a big brother with minimal jealousy about having a new sister.  This month my maternity leave ended and you were thrilled to have your […]

Lucas- April 2015

PicMonkey Collage Easterboth6 1
Hi Baby Sister, This month you were between 5.5-9.5 weeks old.  As always, time has just FLOWN by.  It is so amazing to see the changes that happen to you every single day, yet sad to see it go by so fast.  The biggest thing that happened in your life […]

Emelyn- April 2015

 My sweet Lucas Walter, Another month is gone, and the changes in you are happening faster than I can blink!  This was your first whole month at being a big brother.  You are a rock star brother!  You absolutely love your sister.  A LOT! You constantly want to hold and […]

Lucas- March 2015

PicMonkey Collage 1 month 1
 Dear Emme, Wow.  This time with you has FLOWN by.  The month of March is over (and let’s be honest, half of April- but we’re focusing just on March).  This month you were between 1.5 and 5.5 weeks.  and WOW, what a change!!  You have been an absolute joy.  You […]

Emelyn- March 2015

PicMonkey Collage Feb4 1
Hi Baby Sister Emme, We spent two nights in the hospital after your easy birth.  The first day, you nursed great, but started having some problems latching on during the second day.  That caused some tears and frustration from both of us.  You definitely have a pair of lungs on […]

Emelyn- Your first week