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A very (several months) late post:

Hey Baby Sweetie,

I can’t believe you turned 6 months old in August.  Half a year.  It seems impossible that time has flown by that fast.  In your six months of life you have developed into the most charismatic, smiley, social, and sweet baby.  You love love love to be held, and will fuss to get into someone’s arms (preferably mine).  Your favorite thing to do is put stuff in your mouth and chew on it.  You also like to sling toys around and throw them.   At your 6 month checkup, Dr Bennett commented that you were very bright and inquisitative.  You were 26.75″ long and 14lbs 3 oz.  That puts you taller than 82% of other kids, and in the 15th percentile for weight, just a couple weeks later you were 15 lbs, 4 oz which made you 24th percentile.  So you remain healthy, tall and slender.   We crammed for your appointment with the Dr. by making you roll backwards and forwards.  You would consistently roll from belly to back, but not the other way around.  I knew the Dr would give you a pop-quiz on your rolling skills, and you mastered it at the last minute session the night before.

You have one tooth broken through, and another one right under the service starting to break through.    This month you got to eat your first foods!  You are so ready to eat.  The first thing you tried was sweet potatoes!  Yum!  You loved it, and were pretty surprised when you actually got some in your mouth.  I forgot how messy it was to feed a baby- every time you close your mouth, so food squishes out hahaha.    A great surprise this month was your Uncle Joey got to pop into town.  You loved getting to hang out with him, and of course I took tons of pictures.  You also loved hanging out with your  PopPop,  your Aunt Katie, your Muncle Mike, cousin Grandin, and Deanna.  You had two new friends born this month who will be going to Elyse’s house with you, Ellie (Graham’s little sister), and Cade (Rylie’s little brother).  Come the end of the year when their moms go back to work, you will no longer be the baby of the group- you will be the big girl!  You also liked getting to play with your friends Lyric and Piper this month.  In fact you got to swing in your first swing at their house (you loved it!).

At the end of the month you got to go to your very first Kentucky State Fair.  You did so great. PopPop and Aunt Katie came with us, and we got to walk around to all the exhibits, and see the animals, and then watch your big brother go on rides on the midway (actually you slept during that part).  I grew up going to the state fair every year, and I’m excited for you and Lucas to be able to do that too.

Overall you have had a wonderful first 6 months to your life.  You are still a huge Mama’s girl, and you absolutely light up my life.  Just the thought of you makes me happy.  I adore you, and everything about you my baby sis.  I’ll love you forever!













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One thought on “Emelyn- August 2015… 6 months old!

  • Aunt Pat

    such sweetness – wish I could hold her. Each year goes fastr and faster. Stephen just had his 45th B-day and Nick will be 49 in December. How did that happen so fast!