Lucas- June 2015 1

Hi my Lukie Walter,

You have really turned in to such a big boy all of a sudden.  It’s so sad to see you growing so fast, yet amazingly happy to see you developing and interacting, and becoming a big kid.  First and foremost, I would like to announce that you are POTTY TRAINED!  Woooooo!  At 2 yrs 10 months, on one random Monday Elyse decided that she wanted to try it with you, so we stayed consistent and did it at home too.  We just completely pulled diapers and put you in big boy underwear.  We told you that we ran out of diapers.  Of course you had some accidents the first couple of days, and then maybe an accident every other day for the next week or so. But after a couple weeks, you are now completely accident free!!   Amazing my big boy.  We are so proud of you.

Your favorite cartoon this month is Blaze and The Monster Machines, and you love to take your truck and drive it around the living room.  You also discovered another show you’re obsessed with this month- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We used to watch that as kids, so it’s really cool to see you watch it!  Although all the fighting does get you a tad riled up as you dart around the living room trying to karate chop things and hit them with your “swords”.  The blue turtle, Leonardo, is your favorite right now.  If I wasn’t such a sucker for nostalgia I’d probably have already stopped you from watching it since it makes you more rough, but Daddy says I should just get used to it. Hahaha! You always have been a guy’s guy.

You love to go everywhere with your Daddy.  You even want to go with him to the grocery store.  You love to roughhouse with him, and you especially love to run in the rain with him.   You and your Daddy are two peas in a pod.  Every night you say “my help you cook Daddy!” and you sit on the counter and “help” him.   Your Daddy gets your jammies on at night, and brushes and flosses your teeth, and reads you 3 books, but then you still want your Mama to cuddle you.  Not Daddy, only Mama.  It makes my heart happy that you still love to snuggle with me.  I try to get out of your bed and you beg for “just one more song” and “cuddle me mama”, “don’t leave me mama”.  Of course you also are a master of being thirsty once you’re in bed, and also having to pee in the potty when you’re suppose to be sleeping.  You silly boy you.

You love to interact with your sister all the time.  And you love to share all your old toys with your sister.  You love to see her playing with them, and it makes you so happy when she likes your stuff.  You lover her to sit at the table with us in your old highchair for family dinner, in fact, you love to have her near you all the time.  You’re not the most gentle toddler in the world, so sometimes you make your sister mad when you pull on her, or try to hold her, but she does love to play with you, she laughs at you when you play peekaboo and do funny things.  You love to get on the floor with her and lay your head next to her.  You try to “help” her play with her toys, which sometimes is helping, and sometimes is quite the opposite.  Your little sister sure does adore you, that’s for certain, and you adore her.

This month I turned 34 and I was so happy to have you, Daddy, and Emme  there to celebrate with me.  I woke up to you and Daddy singing me happy birthday in bed. It was so sweet.  We also got to spend a lot of family time with your PopPop, your Grammy, your Aunt Katie, Uncle Michael, Cousin Grandin, and Deanna this month, along with seeing other friends too.  You even got to see Debbie and Paul Davenport who were in all the way from England!

You are even looking more grown up this month.  Your hair has darkened, and we had it cut short into a proper little boy’s cut.  You are still testing the waters constantly which is not the most fun, and you can be quite difficult to manage, but there are great times that go along with this age as well.  You are stubborn, but sweet, aggressive, yet loving.  You are an awesome kid, and I am proud to call you mine.  I love you!











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