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Hi Baby Sister,

This month you were between 5.5-9.5 weeks old.  As always, time has just FLOWN by.  It is so amazing to see the changes that happen to you every single day, yet sad to see it go by so fast.  The biggest thing that happened in your life this month was me going back to work.  I got to stay home with you for 8 weeks.  I can promise you one thing my little girl, I cherished every single moment of it.  Even the diaper changes.  I wanted it to last forever.  But alas, after 8 weeks home with you, I had to return to the real world.  For two days before I went back to work I went with you over to Elyse’s house to just get you used to being over there with all the noises and different people.  On your first day away from me you had a rough morning, you refused the bottle until you cried yourself to sleep, then finally drank it.  That afternoon things limped along a little better, the next day was okay, and then by the day after that you were a happy baby again.  It just took a couple of days of adjustment.   Your brother was thrilled to show you off to his friends at Elyse’s house and couldn’t believe you were going with him.  Elyse has since reported to me, that most of the time he does his own thing running around with Graham and Rylie, but always occasionally stopping by to give you a kiss.  Such a loving big brother.    I am pumping milk for you to drink while you’re there, so you are still getting all those good mama-nutrients.

The next most important thing that happened this month is you sleep through the night!!! Yes you read that right, ALL the way through the night.  From about 9:30 or 10pm to 6 or 6:30am.  No waking, just snoozing.  It has been that way since you were 7 weeks old.  That is absolutely amazing! You love your sleep!  The pediatrician said it was really rare for a baby to be already sleeping for that long, but she said it was great and to live it up!  Yay! Yay! Yay!

I would describe you as a persnickety baby- you like things your way.  While you love to be laid down to sleep at night, you prefer to be held all day long.  When you’re hungry you will give us a couple “wah-wah-wah” or “eh-eh-eh” warning noises for several minutes, and start smacking your lips.  If we don’t get your food in that time you will have a melt-down and scream at us until we get some milk in your belly.  You don’t like to be wet or have a dirty diaper, and like to suck on your pacifier occasionally, especially while sleepy.   You enjoy people making faces at you, and you have a wonderful smile back.  You even try to laugh but haven’t quite mastered it yet.

You had your 8 week check up with Dr. Bennett and got your first round of vaccines.  You were highly displeased with being stabbed in both legs with needles, but got over it quickly when I was able to snuggle you.   At 8 weeks you were 23.75 inches tall (95th percentile) and 10lbs (35th percentile), so you remain tall and skinny :)

Your first Easter was this month, and that silly Easter Bunny brought you TWO baskets!  One from your Mama and Daddy’s house, and one from your Grammy’s house.   You got new glittery shoes, and leggings, and baby girl socks, pacifiers, sun hats, and even a new bathing suit!  Your Grammy bought you and cousin Grandin matching bunny outfits, and of course we had to get lots of pictures.   You also had your first outing to a park this month, when we went to the Kite Fest at Jacobson Park.  We brought our big sun umbrella, and kept you safe from the sun underneath it.

At the end of the month, guess what other important thing happened?  You finally got to meet your PopPop!!  He came back from Australia, a world away, and got to snuggle you.  You even fell asleep while he held you.  We are so so excited that he is home, and glad he gets to stay for a couple months before going back.  Speaking of meeting people, you also got to meet your Uncle Joey!!  He is living in San Francisco and came home for a visit.  You loved smiling at him.  I have a funny story about the night you met.  Your Uncle Joey was holding you, and I told him you liked to be walked around, so he happily obliged.  He put your feet on the ground and held you by the hands and expected for you to go walking.  I bust out laughing and said “NO Joey!  She’s only 9 weeks old, she likes YOU to walk her around.”  Hahahaha!  It was so funny!  I laughed just even typing it out.   Ohhhhh young Uncles, gotta love them :)   Regardless, you sure are loved by everyone who meets you.

Overall I’d say you are definitely still a mama’s girl, although Daddy can make you smile from ear to ear.  You don’t quite know what to think of your loud, fast, and sometimes rough-loving brother, but also occasionally laugh at his antics, most of the time getting wide-eyed at the sudden burst of energy of him bounding up to your face.   You love to snuggle on my chest, and LOVE to sleep.   Words truly cannot convey how much we love and cherish you.  I hope you look back at this one day and know how deeply in love we are with you.  I love you baby girl.


















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One thought on “Emelyn- April 2015

  • Aunt Pat

    Wow – 2 months already – no way! So beautiful and mello (sleeping allnight)
    what a girl! Photos are awesome too. Lucas really has the Easter egg hunt down. They really look like brother and sister – both adorable. Babies make everyone smile – lets have more babies. Pop pop looks like a pro baby holder!

    Sara check out this months Time magazine on pregnancy/IVF/Stem cells. Very interesting.

    Hugs to all