Lucas- May 2015

Hi My Lukie Walt,

May was a busy busy busy month! It started out with the 45th Annual Lamb Roast. It was originally started by your great-Grampa Evanoff, and then the tradition carried on through the years in the Coe Family.  I got you, Grandin, and Emme matching t-shirts, and of course took lots of pictures.   You got to see a lot of friends and family at Lamb Roast, and especially loved playing with your Auntie Laina and Ella and Ben.   You are much harder to keep track of now because you’re always running around somewhere. Hahaha!    You got to spend a lot of quality time getting loved on by family this month, with everyone in town to see you.  You loved all of the attention. You loved having your Dammy, and PopPop and Uncle Joey in town.  Uncle Joey continued to try to knock Muncle Mike out of his favorite Uncle spot.  hahaha! You love to ride bikes, play with your monster truck, Blaze, and watch Curious George or Blaze on tv.  You also love your ipad, and cooking with Daddy.  You love to read your three books at bedtime, and then snuggle with your Mama.  Only mama can snuggle you at night.  Except if Mama can’t, then you’ll allow Daddy to. But if you wake up in the middle of the night scared, you always call for your Daddy.  In the mornings your Daddy takes you and your sister to Elyse’s house and you always tell me you love me and give me kisses and hugs.  One day you thought you had forgot to, and you were so upset that Daddy called me on the phone so you could tell me you loved me.  You’re such an awesome kid.   You love your sister SO much. You ask every morning “please can baby sister come to Leese’s house with me?”  You’re still constantly wanting to hold her and squish her, and kiss her, and smother her with love (literally).    I’ve not seen any jealousy.  Only love.   She is lucky to have a big brother like you.

At the end of the month was the 7th Annual Pigroast in Tennessee.  This is a blending of traditions with the Huff/Atkinson/Coe Family.  Your Grammy and PopPop also came to TN to enjoy the festivities so you got to spend all weekend long with various family and  friends loving on you. You loved playing with your cousins,especially playing with water guns and even got to watch Camron and Nathan play in a basketball game.  You had so much fun clapping and cheering for them.    You got to ride on your Uncle BJs motorcycle and you thought that was really awesome! You definitely didn’t want to leave your Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin’s house this trip, and you still beg to go back.

This month was so busy, but also great memories to be had by all.  Daddy and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, and 13 years together.  Who would have thought that when Daddy and I met as a 20 and 21 year old, we’d be here 13 years later as a family of 4.  This life is so wonderful.   Thank you so much for being our precious baby boy who loves to snuggle and cuddle and say “my love you mama, you make me happy.”  What more could I want in a son?





















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