Emelyn- May 2015 2

Hi Baby Girl/Sissy/Sister/Sweetie/Baby Beauty/Emme/Emelyn,

In May  you were between 9.5 weeks, and 13.5 weeks old.  You are such a sweet baby.  You love to giggle and smile at us.  You open your mouth wide when you’re excited, and bat your arms around.  You love when people smile at you, and you are very ticklish.  You still sleep ALL the way through the night.  It’s truly amazing.  From about 9 or 9:30pm to 6:30am-  I can’t even believe I’m typing that!    You love love love to stand up, and your legs are so strong.  Of course we have to hold on to you to keep you balanced, but you are actually strong enough to stand up on your own.  You despise tummy time and scream to tell us your displeasure.    You love splashing in your bathtub during baths, and making a big mess over the mirrors. You still have gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair with porcelain skin, and dainty features.  You truly  are a gorgeous baby.

May was a busy busy busy month! It started out with Lamb Roast.  This was your first (of many!) lamb roasts.  It is our family’s tradition, it was the 45th Annual Lamb Roast.  It was originally started by your great-grampa Evanoff, and then the tradition carried on through the years in the Coe Family.  I got you, Grandin, and Lucas matching t-shirts.  Yours was pink, and you wore a little tutu with it.  You got to meet SO many new friends at Lamb Roast, and everyone adored you.  Our whole family was there, even Uncle Joey, PopPop, and Grammy.  Speaking of family, you got to spend a lot of quality time getting loved on by family this month, with everyone in town to see you.  You loved all of the attention. You are a total Mama’s girl, and generally just love to be held.  You are happy so long as you get your milk when you want it.   Like your brother, you are also obsessed with holding on to my hair.  When I’m old and going bald, I’m blaming it on you and Lucas!

At the end of the month was the 7th Annual Pigroast in Tennessee.  This is a blending of traditions with the Huff/Atkinson/Coe Family.  You got to meet your Uncle Kevin, Grandaddy and Granny Pat,  your Uncle BJ, your cousins- Camron, Nathan, Chelsea, Dylan, and Tyler- and lots more friends and family.  Your Grammy and PopPop also came to TN to enjoy the festivities so you got to spend all weekend long with various family and new friends loving on you.    Mother’s Day was also this month, and Daddy got me a gift certificate for a Mommy & Me photoshoot with you!  I will be setting that up in the next couple of months.  I love to capture these precious times with photos.

This month was so busy, but also great memories to be had by all.  You made your first bets on the Kentucky Derby (we won!), and Daddy and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, and 13 years together.  Who would have thought that when Daddy and I met as a 20 and 21 year old, we’d be here 13 years later as a family of 4.  This life is so wonderful.   You are an integral part of our family even though you’ve only been here a short couple of months, you will always belong with us.   We love you baby girl.

































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