Emelyn- September 2015

Hi Sweet Sis,

During September you turned 7 months old.    You are now rolling all around the floor to get to where you want to go (and you get really angry when you can’t change direction.)  You love to eat food, and thus far have tried sweet potatoes, pears, peas, apples, carrots, squash, green beans, peaches, prunes and oatmeal.  You love everything, although you did react to the apples (just like big brother Lucas), so for now, those are out.  We have to be careful to pair constipating foods with ones that help you go, so that you don’t get backed up, because you have been very sensitive to the food changes so far.  Speaking of sensitivities, you also have sensitive skin and will react on your face when you get too hot, or if you have been chewing on your hand or a toy and gotten the drool onto your face.    Oh, a funny story about food.  Lucas was being stubborn and wouldn’t eat his dinner (tortellini and sausage pasta), so I was cutting it up and actually feeding it to him even though he normally feeds himself.  I was also talking at the same time, spooned the food in, and then notice that it was being spit back out.  For a second I was mad at Lucas for spitting it, and said why are you spitting your food out?!?  And then I realized it was you! hahaha!  I had accidentally fed the wrong kid sausage and tortellini with marinara sauce.  hahaha!  I’m glad you didn’t choke!  Anyways, we got a good laugh out of that!

We went down to TN this month for your cousin Camron’s 18th birthday party (he was only 4 when Daddy and I started dating!  So crazy!)  The first night we were there, you went to your first sporting event ever and got to watch your Cousin Camron play football for his high school.  You got to meet your Gramma and Poppa Mike for the first time (Daddy’s Mom and step-dad), as well as getting to meet your Uncle BJ’s fiance Mischele, and getting to see lots of other family and friends like Aunt Jera, Uncle Kevin, Grandaddy, Uncle BJ, cousins Camron, Nathan, Chelsea (& baby Brayden), Dylan, Tyler, Chase, Dakota, Pam, Jackie, Amy & Jimmy Dell, Shawn Parker, and many others.   You also got to go in your first swimming pool (besides the baby pool in our back yard) at Amy’s house.  You loved sitting in the float with me and your Aunt Jera and splashing around.    You actually love splashing in any water.  Showers, baths, pools- anything!

This month you are sitting up on your own (you can’t actually sit up, but if we sit you up, then you can stay there).  It makes it much easier for you to play with your toys.  Then you get tired of sitting and roll forward on to your belly to grab a toy, then flip onto your back to play with it.  Your brother likes to play with you by rolling you all the way across the floor, and then repeatedly headbutting/face planting in to your stomach.  You think it is hilarious for the first 15 times, then you get tired of it hahaha.    Oh! Oh! Oh!  This month you also say Mama and Dada!!!  I’m not quite sure if you know the meaning of it, but you always look at me if someone says Mama, and get really excited.  We can’t really pinpoint exactly whose name you said first (actually I think it was mama, but shhhhh don’t tell Daddy).  You really love to make noises.  You’ll say mamamamamamamamama over and over again.  I tried to get a little video of you saying Mama since you’d been saying it for days on end, and you looked straight at the camera and said “Dada”   hahaha!

You had several colds over the past month, with 3 coming back to back.  Nothing worse than a sick baby :(   But you’ve been a trooper through it all, except for when Daddy sucks the boogers out of your nose.  You are NOT a fan of that.  You had your first minor ear infection on the heels of your 3rd cold.  It was the first time since you were 7 weeks old that you didn’t sleep all the way through the night. It probably doesn’t help that EVERYTHING goes into your mouth.  You will wrestle it away from me to quickly shove something in your mouth that I’m trying to take away.  You’re so sneaky.   You got to go to your very first Louisville Cardinals football tailgating and game with us and your PopPop.  We got to see the band play, and you even got a highfive (or high fist since you don’t know how to give a high five) from some of the football players.  You were a trooper and actually slept for at least half of the game.  You loved playing with your cousin Grandin, and when seated in front of each other, stared for a bit before trying to rip his ear off to put in your mouth, and trying to eat his face.  It was so funny to watch.

Another exciting first this month was staying in your first hotel.  I was hired by a lab in Knoxville to do some consulting work for 4 days, and so Daddy, Lucas, you and me headed down there.  I just couldn’t leave you!  While I worked Daddy took you and Lucas to the Knoxville zoo all by himself, and to the nature center, and hiking.  I was very proud of him for getting out and about alone with two kids.   He took off Monday so that I could see you guys when I got off work, and we went to a nice dinner then I nursed you to sleep and put you in the car.  Daddy drove back to Lexington that night, and I came home Tuesday after work, so I don’t really consider it a night away since I was with you for bedtime.  It was so nice that I didn’t have to leave you and Lucas for this work trip, I don’t think I could have done it!  I cried when Daddy left the hotel with you, even though it was bedtime.  I love my babies soooo much!

Overall this month was filled with laughter, and kisses, and hugs from you.  You are such an amazing amazing baby, I can’t believe you’re mine.  I love you my baby!




















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