Emelyn- June 2015 1

Hellllllllooooo my sister baby,

The month of June you turned 4 months.    And on June 13th it was exactly a year, to the day of when we found out we were pregnant with you.  It’s so amazing that at this time last year, all we knew about you was a double line on a pregnancy test.  What a difference a year makes!   You are amazing, and I can NOT believe you are mine.  I will admit, I’m obsessed, and completely and utterly head-over-heels in love with you.  Everything about you is adorable.  I love to snuggle you and cuddle you.  When you see me you dance and bounce, and laugh, and your beautiful eyes light up like I’m the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen.  It makes my heart melt every time.

At your 4 month checkup towards the end of June we found out you were 13 lbs, and 24.75 inches tall.  That makes you in the 75% for height, and 43% for weight.  You love to eat my face when you’re excited to see me, and this month you also have a serious love of toys.  And everything goes in your mouth!  Everything!  You love to play in your exersaucer (we call it jump-jump) and grab and knock around your toys while trying to eat them.  You spin a toy and watch it intently go around and around and around.    You love to sit at the table with us in your high chair for family dinner, but you just chew on your toys while we eat our food.  Lucas loves to have you at the table, in fact, he loves having you near him all the time!   It makes him so happy when you like toys that were his as a baby, and he loves to share with you.  Most of the time you get a big kick out of him, and laugh at the funny things he does.  You do get mad when he tries to hold you, since he’s not the most gentle toddler.    He loves to get on the floor with you and lay his head next to yours.  He tries to “help” you play with your toys.  Your big brother sure does adore you, that’s for certain.

This month I turned 34 and I was so happy to have my hubby, my son AND my daughter (I have a daughter!?!)  there to celebrate with me.  We also got to spend a lot of family time with your PopPop, your Grammy, your Aunt Katie, Uncle Michael, Cousin Grandin, and Deanna this month, along with seeing other friends too.  You even got to meet Debbie and Paul Davenport who were in all the way from England!  Trips to see their family, and traveling around Europe were part of the inspiration behind your nursery.  We went last year right before we got pregnant with you, and we can’t wait to take you over to Europe, and show you what the world has to offer.

You are growing like a weed, and changing before our eyes every single day.  You are so beautiful, both inside and out.  I can’t wait to see what each day with you brings.  We love you baby girl.















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