Belly Update at 21 weeks 4

My belly keeps growing and growing!!

           The Beginning                                                                                                 21 Weeks

Total Weight Gain–  6 pounds as of last week at the Dr’s appointment

Cravings– Still no absolute ‘must have’ cravings, but I am consistently eating an apple with lemon juice squeezed on it (to stop it from browning once it’s cut up) every morning.  I’m actually eating a lot of fruit, hopefully that means Baby Boy Lucas will be extra sweet!   And maybe a little spoiled too since I had some oreos and milk yesterday.  Man that was good…… yummmmmmmmm

Sleep- Eh, it’s so-so.  I have to pee multiple times a night, and then the dog and/or Will wakes me up other times.  And then Lucas kicks and keeps me awake even longer.

Symptoms- I’m not wearing my bands anymore, woooo!   I feel like I have a little more energy lately.  We went out nursery decor shopping for half a day and had a blast!

Baby Update-  Lucas is now about a 3/4 to a pound in weight, and around 10.5 inches long.  He’s about the length of a carrot or a banana.  His kicks and movements are getting stronger and stronger.  I’m a little bit worried he’s going to bruise me from the inside out!

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