Yup, still a boy! 1

Hi Little Boy!

This week we had your 20 week ultrasound where they take all kinds of measurements and make sure everything looks okay.  The good news is you look great!!!  The Dr said my placenta (which is nourishing you) is a little low, so if it doesn’t move in the next couple of months I’ll have to have a C-section, but she didn’t seem concerned at all.  Apparently it’s common, and they almost always move out of the way.  You were being quite the exhibitionist during the scan, and gladly showing us all of your boy parts.   At one point the ultrasound technician bust out laughing and said “Oh My!  He is ALL BOY!”   She even took a 3D picture where we can see your cute little butt and legs and you proudly displaying your boy parts (she even put an arrow pointing to it!)

A lot of the 3D pictures look a little creepy at this age because you haven’t gained all of your baby fat yet.  But, of course, you look adorable to us!!  In fact, in a couple of them I swear you look just like your Daddy!!

It was really neat to see you move on the ultrasound, while at the same time feel you move inside of me.  We got to watch you for a good 40 minutes!   One good thing about me having a low lying placenta is that our Dr is ordering another scan in 12 weeks to check things.  I can’t believe it’s going to be that long before we see you again!




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