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PicMonkey Collage 5 Months5
Hi Wuuucas Waaaaaalter, On Dec 19th you turned 5 months old.  Wowie.   You continue to change every single day.   You look and act like a 7 or 8 month old, people are always surprised when I tell them you are only 5 months!!   I’ll try to remember all the new […]

5 Months Update

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Hi Baby Boy! Every year we go down to Tennesee to celebrate Christmas with Daddy’s family in mid-December.  You got to meet SO many new people.  You got to meet your Gramma and Papa Mike (Daddy’s Mom and Step-Dad), your Granny Pat (Daddy’s Step-Mom),  Uncle B.J. and Aunt Mischele (Daddy’s […]

Family Christmas in Tennessee

PicMonkey Collage Thanksgiving 5
Dear Lucas, Last month we celebrated your first Thanksgiving in Louisville with your Grammy, Poppy, and your Aunts and Uncles (well, minus Uncle Joey because he just moved to San Francisco).  We had a feast!   Everyone loved you, of course!  You were quite the hit of the show! You also […]

First Thanksgiving

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  Hey Bubbaloo (or Bub/Wuuuucas/Wucas Walter/Bubba/Bubster/Wittle Boy/Bubby/Uhba/Wukie/ Wukie Walt) Time is flying by at warp speed!  We had your 4 month pediatrician’s appointment today… And you are a BIG boy!  So tall, just like your Daddy.  You are more than half a foot taller than when you were born.  In […]

4 Month Appointment

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Dear Wuuuuuucas Walter, Last week you were 3 months old.  THREE MONTHS.  Wow, I just cannot believe it.  I knew babies grew fast, but holy cannoli, this is ridiculous!  I want you to stay my itty bitty baby forever!   You are firmly in the 6-9 month size clothing now.   Daddy […]

3 Months

PicMonkey Collage Sept '12 #9 1
11 Weeks tomorrow Baby Bubba,  where has the time gone???  I just can NOT get over how fast it’s going.  Slow down!!  This week you have even been wearing some 6-9 month clothes.   Goodness gracious!!   You continue to get stronger, more interactive, and more opinionated.   You like things your way […]

11 Weeks

skull3 1
Baby Bubby, We got the most AMAZING NEWS yesterday!  Your head is normal and you don’t have to have surgery! Woooooooooo!  This made your Dad and myself so incredibly happy, we both cried (good tears!) when the Dr told us. He said the ridges on your head were something that […]


2 month
Hey Lucas Walter, Here is your 2 month growth comparison.  Actually your 2 month birthday isn’t until the 19th, but we did the picture on your 8 week birthday instead.  The 19th is the day we go into the neurosurgery consult so we figured we might not have time. Look […]

2 Month Growth Comparison

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Hi Baby Man, On Thursday you turned 8 weeks old.  You are getting astondingly more reactive.  If we stick out our tongue at you, you even laugh and copy us!  It’s so strange to see an 8 week old stick his tongue back out at me!     We’ve had a rough week […]

8 Weeks