The Name Game 9

Hi Baby Boy!!

We have finally come to an agreement on your name, well part of it anyways.

Are you ready for it………..?






That’s you baby boy….Lucas.  We are undecided as to whether you will have two middle names as of now.  It will either be  Lucas Walter Coe Atkinson.   Or just Lucas Walter Atkinson.   I want you to always remember both families that you came from (Coes and Atkinsons) so we are heavily considering just letting you have two middle names.  My Dad (your grandfather) says 4 names makes you sound distinguished!   We’ll see…. I guess we have a couple more months to decide about the 3 or 4 names.  Regardless, you will go by Lucas Atkinson.   We think that sounds pretty great. 

Your middle name, Walter, is important to both mine and your Dad’s family.   First off, from my side of the family:  Walter was the name of my grandfather, Dr. Walter Slater Coe.  He was truly “a fine human being”  (a favorite saying of his).   We called him Pop, and I’m so sad that you don’t get the privilege of meeting him.  He was one of the most talented, kind, charming and honest people to ever have walked this earth.     He was married to my Granny, Wilma “Billie” Coe.  Together they were the best grandparents a kid could ever hope for.  I’m sure they are the reason that my Dad, Bruce Slater Coe, your grandfather, is the wonderful man he is today.  I am so very lucky to be the daughter and granddaughter of my Dad and my Pop Coe.

Walter was also the name of your Dad’s grandfather, Walter Cleveland Atkinson.  He was called Grandaddy, and was married to Annie Lou Atkinson, your Dad’s Granny (your Great Granny!)  He is another great man that you will never get to meet.  I remember the first time your Dad took me to Georgia to meet Granny Lou and Grandaddy.  They were so welcoming into their home.  During my first visit Grandaddy was sitting next to me on the couch and said “You’re beautiful.  I love you.”  What a sweet man.  He also always helped me play dominoes, which made everyone else mad because I would win even when I didn’t know how to play!  Grandaddy knew all the tricks.

The importance of the name Walter doesn’t end there!  Your Dad’s Dad,  YOUR Grandad is named Walter Benjamin Atkinson.   Your Grandad is always willing to give what he has and help out anyone who needs a hand.  He was a hero when he served in the Vietnam War, and is now a loved family man.  We’ve spent a lot of time just hanging out with him in recent years, especially on our yearly camping trip.  He loves to fish, and has been even known to sing around the campfire if he’s got a little “hot juice” in him (I have video evidence!)  Your Dad looks a lot like your Grandad, and is proud to call Benny Atkinson his father.

Lastly, your Dad’s brother is Walter Benjamin Atkinson, Jr.  He is your Uncle B.J.    Your Dad and your Uncle B.J. are only 14 months apart in age, and fought like cats and dogs when they were younger.   Now that they’re older they love to get together if they get a chance.  Uncle B.J. is a talented mechanic and is great building anything with his hands (just like your Grandad!)  He also has been known to sing an awesome rendition of Pinball Wizard at your Aunt Jera’s karaoke parties.   Uncle B.J. has a sly sense of humor when half the time I can’t really tell if he’s joking or not.  Actually, come to think of it, that’s the same with all those handsome Atkinson men!!

Phew! That was a lot about your important middle name.  So, where did your first name come from?  Well, honestly, your Dad and I just really liked the name Lucas :)   The name Lucas means “the bringer of light.”  That’s one thing we’re sure of baby boy, you will bring light into everyone’s life you meet.

We love you, Lucas Walter! :)



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9 thoughts on “The Name Game

    • bruce

      Well, you all could always use the middle name of Cardinal. That way when little Lucas scores in basketball, we all could shout out….luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke….. like we used to do when Luke Whitehead would score for the Louisville basketball team in Freedom Hall. No need to have him get a fourth name on our part though. I figure that it is more than likly we will remember who he is without tagging him with an extra name of Coe

  • Great Aunt Pat

    I like it – a real “mans name” can’t go wrong with “bringer of light”
    Walter. I am really enjoying your blog Sarah – Way to Go !!!

  • Therese Evanoff

    Hi Sarah and Will,
    I love your blog. I’ll be checking it out frequently. I love the name Lucas……good choice.

    Lot and Lots of Love,
    Therese and Gary and Wilson.

  • Matt

    I say skip the “Coe.” Four names is too many, and Coe-Atkinson sounds too feminist for a little redneck boy. The Coe name will live on through your brethren. Drop the Coe, Let it Go.