Belly Update 23 weeks 2

Well Little Man, you’re continuing to grow!  And making my belly grow!  You’ ve been moving a ton (as the video evidence I posted earlier showed).


Total Weight Gain–  12 pounds

Cravings– Will bought me some caramel ice cream.  OH MY GOD it was so good.  And then he tried to tell me I could only have it once since it was so sugary, but yet the entire tub remained in the freezer beckoning me to eat it.  Yeah…. it’s gone now.

Sleep- Not too bad, just normal peeing a couple times per night.

Symptoms- Heartburn ohhhhhhh the heartburn.  My throat is burning half the day.  They keep telling me to just take meds, but I’m trying to hold out.  Also, my fingers have started to swell a little, mostly at night.  I started taking off my rings to sleep.  I know a girl that had to have her wedding rings cut off her because her fingers swelled so much when she was pregnant.  OMG I would die.

Baby Update-  Your heartbeat sounded great today, in the 150s.  You’re more than 11 inches long, and considering you’re an Atkinson male, you’re probably closer to a foot long.  You weigh about a pound now, and your hearing is getting much better, and you even respond when you hear different noises.  You’re starting to pack on the pounds, and beef up a little.  Grow Lucas grow!!

Nursery Update- We ordered most of the furniture for your nursery this past week.  Fun! And expensive!!  You’ll pay us back one day when you’re picking out the best nursing home money can buy, right?   We’re also having the walls painted this week, and then your Dad is going to hand paint a design.  We’ve already bought some artwork, and done some other projects to make your nursery one of a kind…..You’re one spoiled little boy and you’re not even born yet!

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