4 Month Appointment 1


Hey Bubbaloo (or Bub/Wuuuucas/Wucas Walter/Bubba/Bubster/Wittle Boy/Bubby/Uhba/Wukie/ Wukie Walt)

Time is flying by at warp speed!  We had your 4 month pediatrician’s appointment today… And you are a BIG boy!  So tall, just like your Daddy.  You are more than half a foot taller than when you were born.  In fact, you are taller than 86% of babies your age, and weigh more than 59% of them!  You were 15.1 lbs and 26 inches long.  My oh my!






7 lbs 15 oz

19.5 in

56% weight 43% height


8 lbs 1 oz

21 in

30% weight 59% height


11 lbs 12 oz

23.5 in

56% weight 73% height


15 lbs 1 oz

26 in

59% weight 86% height

You are becoming more and more advanced by the day.  Seriously, we can tell the difference just in 24 hours!   You like to play with toys now, and love to stand on your feet when we hold you up.   You bring everything up to your mouth.  You have definitely learned how to whine to get your way.   Just this week you’ve started playing with your tongue a lot.   It’s strange when I place you on your belly, and turn around and you’re on your back!   You still don’t love rolling though, and you’ll only do it sometimes.  Mostly you love chewing on your hands.    We still do story time in your big red chair every night and start off with Goodnight Moon at about 7pm.  Then you nurse, and fall asleep on me.  Once Dad and I are ready to go to bed, we put you in your Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit that makes you look like a giant marshmellow.  You sleep well in it, I think because you feel safe and warm.   Nowadays you will sleep after nursing from about 7:30-2:30 or 3, and then eat again before falling back asleep to 5-6am.   The second half of the night isn’t as good of sleep as the first, but we’ll take what we can get!  You are giggling and laughing so much, and it makes me smile to even think about your cuteness!   You grab on and hold on to things much better and are continuing to become much more coordinated.  Last month you experienced your first Halloween and got all dressed up as a dragon.  You were the cutest little dragon that there ever was!

In other exciting news, your Uncle Joey came home from his job in Alaska and California and got to hold you for the first time!  He was there the night you were born and got to see you in the nursery, but because you had problems with your breathing he didn’t get to hold you, and then he had to leave for Alaska the next day.   SO, Mommy took lots of photos when you saw him!  We even dressed you up all spiffy in your white button up, khakis and hat!  Uncle Joey even changed your diaper (the first diaper he had ever changed!),  I was kind of hoping you’d pee on him!

Recently you and I spent our very first night alone without your Daddy!  We missed him SO much.   He went to Tennessee for three days and two nights to see your Granddaddy who was in the hospital.   I was scared to take care of you all night long without Daddy, but it went well.   Every night we would call Daddy on video chat so that he could read night time stories with us.   Thankfully, your Granddaddy is doing well, and Daddy came home to us!

We can’t wait to see how much you grow over this next month.   And your first Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up….. how exciting!  We love you so much little man!





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One thought on “4 Month Appointment

  • Therese

    I’d say good looks runs in the family. Wow what good lookin folks!!

    Lucas, you’re a lucky dude having parents like Sarah and Will. And look at your “drop dead gorgeous” Uncles.

    Soak up all that love, baby! It’s good for you.