5 Months Update

Hi Wuuucas Waaaaaalter,

On Dec 19th you turned 5 months old.  Wowie.   You continue to change every single day.   You look and act like a 7 or 8 month old, people are always surprised when I tell them you are only 5 months!!   I’ll try to remember all the new things that you’ve achieved this month…. First of all, you found your feet!  You now love to grab them and try to put them in your mouth.  You still chew on your hands all day long.   You have started babbling a lot more.  When you’re in a talkative mood you say a-ga, a-ga, a-ga.  Elyse said you can hold your own bottle when she feeds you, and she even sent us a picture of it.   You can completely stand on your legs, it’s just your balance that you need to develop.    Although over Christmas you even stood on your own (don’t worry, we got lots of pictures!! )   You are the smiliest, happiest little boy I have ever seen, I truly don’t know how we got so lucky.  We’re so proud to call you our son!

You love to sit in your highchair and watch your Dad and I eat our dinner.  It won’t be long until we start you on some solids of your own.   Last week we got out one of your spoons and put a little breastmilk on it to see how you’d react.  You were shocked when there was something in your mouth and spat it back out!   I foresee this being a messy stage in your life.     We downloaded Skype onto Grammy and Poppy’s computer so we can call them at night several times a week and video chat with them.

Of course, we still do our bedtime routine of reading books in your big red chair and we always begin with Goodnight Moon.  You can go all night without eating now.  You go to sleep sometime between 8pm and 9pm depending on when your last nap was.  Oh, I almost forgot, you’re really interested in to trying to eat my face.  And sometimes you squash your nose into my cheek and snort, it’s really funny!   Whenever you’re fussy or overtired you like to be walked around, and get mad if we sit down.   You laugh and giggle and laugh some more now, you have the cutest belly laugh.  In fact, everything you do is cute!   You’ve even mastered the fake cough because you like the noise.

Today you got to watch our team, the Louisville Cardinals, beat the University of Kentucky Cats in basketball…. GO CARDS!  It was an exciting game, and you thought all of Daddy’s yelling at the tv was pretty funny.   When  I asked Dad what else he wanted to write in this post, he wanted to make sure I put the win in here.

We also took your Christmas card photos this month, your Dad and I set you up on our bed and string lights behind you so it would look more festive.  I love how they turned out!

I can’t wait to see how much you’re going to change in the next month.  I wish it would all slow down a little, I want you to stay my little boy forever!!

p.s. a post about your FIRST CHRISTMAS to come later this weekend







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