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PicMonkey Collage 5 Months5
Hi Wuuucas Waaaaaalter, On Dec 19th you turned 5 months old.  Wowie.   You continue to change every single day.   You look and act like a 7 or 8 month old, people are always surprised when I tell them you are only 5 months!!   I’ll try to remember all the new […]

5 Months Update

PicMonkey Collage Xmas7 1
Hi Baby Boy! Every year we go down to Tennesee to celebrate Christmas with Daddy’s family in mid-December.  You got to meet SO many new people.  You got to meet your Gramma and Papa Mike (Daddy’s Mom and Step-Dad), your Granny Pat (Daddy’s Step-Mom),  Uncle B.J. and Aunt Mischele (Daddy’s […]

Family Christmas in Tennessee