Emelyn’s Around the World Baby Shower

Hey Baby Girl!

Last weekend we had your Around The World Travel themed baby shower.  It was thrown by Auntie Marcela, Aunt Katie, and Auntie Alaina.  It turned out SO cute, and I loved all the details!  Your nursery (photos coming soon!) is a World Travel Theme, so your Aunties matched the theme to make it extra special.

There were tiny airplanes made out of candy and gum, and photos printed out from all of our travels, there were maps, and globes, and foods from around the world (including empanadas- my favorite!!), sangria, travel books, suitcases, and even luggage labels, tags, magazines, napkins, and nuts straight from the real airport itself!

All of our friends and family brought a charm or bead that when put together makes a necklace of love and support as we prepare to bring you in to this world.  Everyone signed a globe for you to have as you grow older. There was even a game where guests had to decide which language from around the world the word “baby” was written in.  There was also a list for people to write their advice on traveling with a baby.

So much thought and effort went into your shower, and not only was it enjoyed by me, it was also enjoyed by all of our family and friends who were able to attend.  You’re so special and loved baby girl- we can’t wait to meet you!







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